Convert or Die

by Infidelesto on August 28, 2006 · 24 comments

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Every day I become more and more concerned about the state of our well being as Americans. Yes, I happen to be a conservative, patriotic, independent who has fallen out of love with the Republican party and more distant than ever from the socialistic, euro-liberal leftist party we call Democratic Party. Why is it that the normal American can’t seem to trust any politician these days? President Bush has lost support from the Reagan conservative base due to just a few issues: Illegal immigration, out of control spending, and the whole dubai situation. In any event, I would much rather have Bush leading us in this Global war, than someone on the left who would duck and hide and wait for another attack on this country. It’s sad to see so many people consumed with their hatred of President Bush, that they are blinded by what’s really going on: the war against Islamic fanatics. All day long, people blame Bush for everything, while missing the real point, which is this: THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KILL US. THEY SAY CONVERT OR DIE, THEY CALL US THE GREAT SATAN, THEY WANT TO TAKE OVER OUR WAY OF LIFE. THEY WANT TO RULE AMERICA WITH SHARIA LAW.

Sharia, according to the Koran

“Only, the recompense of those who war against God and His Apostle [Mohammed], and go about to commit disorders on the earth, shall be that they shall be slain or crucified, or have their alternate hands and feet cut off, or be banished the land [1]: This their disgrace in this world, and in the next a great torment shall be theirs.”
“O believers! take not the Jews or Christians as friends. They are but one another’s friends. If any one of you taketh them for his friends, he is surely one of them! God will not guide the evil doers.” [2]
The Koran, Ivy Books edition, pp. 65-67, Sura of “The Table”

This is the only religion in the world that cannot get along with the rest. Buddhists, Hindu’s, Christians, and Jews all preach peace, and love thy neighboor. We don’t want to kill you if you don’t believe what we believe. We believe that you have the right to believe in anything you want! Without persecution! Sadly so many radical muslims have taken to the violent side of their religion. Remember the violent riots when those cartoons depicting Mohammed were published? Do we see Jews rioting in the streets, attacking Iranian embassies after they publish cartoons mocking the Holocaust? What is it about Islam that draws so many people towards this fanatic way of living? People are blindly ignoring Ahmanidinijad’s statements that he would gladly sacrifice half of Iran to see Israel wiped off the map. How can people ignore this? How can the media ignore this? How can idiots like Mike Wallace be a stepping stool for a man who says these things? It seems as if being an American Patriot doesn’t even exist anymore. It seems as if people are more concerned with not hurting peoples feelings rather standing up for what is true and right. Yes, some things are hard to stomach, but it’s people like the terrorism-supporting ACLU that are bringing our country to it’s knees. Attention: appeasement will not work with these people! There are no negotiations! They want to convert us or kill us, it’s that simple.

Also, for all of you who “don’t care”, off living in your own world not paying attention to world news…….What will it take for you to pay attention to what’s going on here? A dirty bomb going off in a major American city? another 9/11 in Chicago or LA? An Islamic Senator running for president? WAKE UP!!! Start paying attention, start having an opinion, and prepare for the coming years will YOU will be DIRECTLY affected by this WAR that is going on. When will you stand up and defend your God given right to live as a free man. I would gladly fight for my Freedom if called on tomorrow, because I believe that our right to live as free men and women is more sacred than anything on this planet. We should feel so lucky to live the way we do. Free to fail, free to succeed, free to say what you want (even if it is critical), free to go where you want, free to believe what you want. Free to have the responsibility for your own well being, and free to make something of yourself in this free Nation we live in. Sadly it is the free, and capitalistic society that divides Americans so much today. American patriotism is lost, and I’m sad because of that.

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  • HarryParker410

    John, I am very proud of you. You are the independent thinker I always knew you’d be. I agree with so much of what you said in this blog. It unfathomable to me how the Euro-Liberals can not see that appeasement never works (just look at the last century’s examples) and living in denial can be deadly. “I don’t like ‘em ’cause they’re goin’ get me killed,” as a man once said.

    • ScaryHeathen

      That’s exactly why I keep an eye on white christians. You never know when they are gonna get all “supremacy” on you. Makes me keep my guns clean and loaded at night.

      • SirWilhelm

        White Christians are a minority these days. White Supremacists are usually Nazis, whose Christian beliefs, if they have any, are based on Hitler’s perverted beliefs, which involved Aryan supremacy, and are a much smaller minority within Christians. If you really are a “ScaryHeathen”, what moral imperatives do you have that keep you from using your guns from committing murder with them? Or are they only for self defense, as many Christians would say their’s are for? Are you not keeping your eye on Muslims? Many of them are making no secret of their desire to achieve their deity’s mandate to conquer the world and make it Muslim, and they brag there are around 1.5 billion of them. How many of them can you kill with your guns, before you run out of ammo, if they decide it’s time to convert you, or kill you?


        Don’t forget the blunt knife for hacking peoples’ heads off.Treat yourself,watch the vids of people having their heads hacked off,get your pals ’round have some kebabs.

      • Jackshepherd

        Kony Commits Evil In the Name of God, by Jack Shepherd
          Joseph Kony the leader of the “LRA” Lords Resistance Army formerly known as The United Holy Salvation Army [UHSA].
        Through out most of the western world most of us carry on with the day-to-day living with out a thought about how one man “Kony” can be responsible for all the destruction he has brought about. The civil war of the Northern Uganda borders to the south in Sudan has been going on for over forty years. Some claim the war is Muslims of the north killing Christian in the south.  Kony states he is doing Gods work.
          Born in 1961 in the village of Odek east of Gulu in northern Uganda. His parents were both farmers.  Kony served as an altar boy but stopped going to church when he was about 15 and he dropped out of school at the same time. His older brother apprenticed Kony as the village witch doctor.  Kony took over this position when his brother died. Kony came to prominence in 1986 as the leader of one of many military groups in Acholiland region of Uganda in the wake of a popular Holy Spirit Movement of Alice Auma whom it is thought was his aunt. Alices movement was also known as Lakwena an AKA for Alice.
          Kony is thought to be responsible for the deaths of four hundred thousand people and the abduction of the forty to seventy thousand peoples. Mostly children. Besides claming Christianity “old testament” Kony practices polygamy, claiming to have eighty-eight wives. Kony has been referred to as both the messiah and the devil. It is said Kony would lay on his belly in the hot sun for days at a time in a type of vision quest. Kony claims to be fighting for the Ten Commandments among other things. Kony believes his actions are not a human rights violation since he is fighting for God’s Commandments.
          Kony tells his child soldiers if they made the mark of the cross on their chest with oil they would be bulletproof. Besides kidnapping kids and forcing them into the ranks of an estimated nine million children around the world involved in armed conflicts, Kony has forced children when abducted to maim or kill their parents and siblings.
        The children as young as six were then fed a diet of alcohol, drugs and sex to dehumanize them and wipe out all emotions, this is how children seem to be prepared to kill with out thought of their actions.
          Some believe Kony was allowed his foothold in the 1980’s to destabilize the Uganda borders. Current action against Kony by the Uganda Military includes attempts made on Kony’s life through out the region. On October six of 2005 the International Criminal Court has issued five arrest warrants for top LRA members. The next day Uganda’s Defense Minister Amama Mbabazi announced Kony was one of the five. On March third the African Union announced its intension to send five thousand soldiers to join the hunt for Kony to neutralize him. On August twenty-eight of 2008 the USA placed Kony on the Global Terrorist list. On May tenth of 2010 President Obama signed into law The Northern Uganda Recovery Act to stop Kony. In October of 2011 President Obama authorized deployment of one hundred combat-equipped troops to provide training, information and advice in central Africa to help remove Kony.
          Besides Kony gaining fame through U-Tube and other social medias for his acts of evil, a new movie has been released about one man’s attempt “Sam Childers”, to help the children of the Sudan. [The Machine Gun Preacher], I know the title of the movie does not make you or me run out to rent or buy this movie. However, It is worth watching, in my opinion, for a look at what’s really happening in the Sudan.
          Send your questions or commits to P.O. Box 908, Kingman AZ. 86402

  • Hard To Swallow

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe loves
    the NEW Hitler…

  • Penny Kennedy

    I have never read anything so close to my own thoughts that I could have written it myself if only I could put my thoughts on paper/internet as eloquently as this. I am terrified by the world today but mostly from the ignorance of the people. As my late wonderful mother used to quote to me. “It is impossible to know the truth and not be held responsible.” Seems in this day and age, not only is the truth being ignored but it is altered for comfort. And no one even seems to know what it means to be responsible for their own actions. Once Sharia law takes over and all hell breaks loose and people suddenly know what that word ‘freedom’ meant, what will they say then. It’s not MY fault? When in reality, it will be the fault of us all for not fighting for the most wonderful concept for government….ever. We sang patriotic songs at school and now they teach hate. Where are the parents? I won’t go on because we all know there are many many strange things happening to our country but I would like to say, I thank God for this website, its a lonely scary world amongst the ignorant. I no longer feel so alone. Long live the Infidels!!


      Welcome Penny I hope you will be happy here.

  • brian

    Read some books, travel around, and most importantly go talk to some Muslims. I think once you do this you will see what is really going on. Why won’t you do this? Because you are afraid of the truth – which is that your government is the enemy and such a truth would require you to sacrifice your comfortable life in fighting and defending your freedom at the risk of your own life. No – its much easier to sit behind a keyboard and type ignorant nonsense with Koran passages taken out of context.

    I have lived amongst Muslims for years now and I have not once been asked to convert. In fact, amongst the many religions I have come in contact with, the only ones I have observed to be intolerant and compelled to force their beliefs on others have been various sects of western Christianity.

    The first and most important precept in warfare is “know thy enemy, and know thyself.” This requires honesty, reason, and an objective perspective. Fail to do this my friend… and you will certainly lose. (as America is losing two wars simultaneously while its currency plunges into the gutter and the world prepares to dance on your graves.) Freedom comes only through knowledge. I don’t ask you to accept what I say, I simply say, you owe it to yourself to examine with open eyes the state of the world and ask yourself one more time if you are fighting the right battle. America is in deep trouble now, and it can not afford ignorant people expending her energy and resources by joining this misguided crusade. If you know your history you will see that the crusades were miserable failures – and Muslim supremacy lasted in the form of the Ottoman Empire until WW1. They are not inferior people, they are capable of building a world spanning empire and in the void America leaves with its own reckless imperialism, China and the Middle East will more than certainly establish themselves.

  • brian

    PS. Christians are not infidels, nor or Jews as they are both considered people of the Book. Infidels are by definition, God-less heathens that pursue their greed and lust for power above and beyond all other things and at the expense of the innocent. You most likely believe yourself that America as a nation has turned on God and Christianity, that it is corrupt with greed thus making it a nation of “infidels.” Israel’s Zionists are also considered to be God-less self-seekers that Muslims and devote Jews both agree are not representative of Judaism. You yourself would not be an infidel then, since you are God-fearing. The Koran (which I read as a US Marine after 9/11 (“know thy enemy”)) explicitly states this.

    • Lovecraft

      Infidels are anyone not muslim.  Read the Quran.

      • SirWilhelm

        Sunnis and Shiites think of each other as infidels, although they find it easy enough to unite against non-Muslims. That is why I try to use that term instead of infidels to avoid confusion.

        • 0000641


        • ANGLO SAXON

          Sire I’m confused,I thought they were all SHITES

          • SirWilhelm

            I think you mean SHITS, might as well say what you mean, we all know what you mean anyway, and we’re all adults here, at least the infidels are.

          • ANGLO SAXON

            In the north of England we also use the word shite,to mean the same as shit Sire.Off topic.We can’t call any of the muz two faced,coz if they were they wouldn’t be wearing the ones they have,LOL

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  • 0000641

    Thank you mate fr the article, we gonna face a worst case scenario, every muslim in the world is a terrorist. One day when the order comes frm their imam they gonna start jihad by killing their non muslim men in neighbourhood n raping our women. Unless we annihilate them before they do we are gone! We Aussies r in the safe side where yanks stupidity is too high that they r keeping islamic assholes in their military units! Shame stop stamping their visas

  • Kyra

    Yeah. What you said

  • William

    Beware of Islam. Full of falacy and lies. These people flowlessly lie and create make belive stories. They will tell you stories that will make you belive what they say. But behold ! take some time refer to your books, use your general knowledge and then answer them. Many christians do not read their Bible and get mesmerised what these lier say. Even Koran confirms the supreme birth of Christ. So it is  proper to follow him. Muhammad was misled by Satan disguised as Angel Gabriel. This is evident that Islam is full of revenge, murder and kill orders. They are not at peace. Look around.

    • guest

      yeah and Quran also says, “Any Jew, Christian, Buddhist etc. etc. whoever believes in Oneness of God and do good deeds, they will enter the Jannah (heaven). Allah does not waste anybody’s good deeds.  
      Although true followers of the previously sent prophets are fewer in number just like muslims today as informed by Prophet S.A.W.W. that one day when the day of judgement will be closer, muslim community will also be full of hypocrites and twisting religion according their wishes just like other nations did. 
      So, everybody try to follow their religion with true and sincere heart and everyone will reach God.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, muslim supremacist, it does not say Buddhist. Not once. Old mo the putrid had not encountered any Buddhists so he failed to mention them in his plagerized manifesto of lust for money, power and pussy.

        Your “true and sincere heart” and that of all of your fellow muslim supremacists IS the problem and why we want you the hell out of the West. You’re free to practice your arab-tribalism “truly and sincerly” in dar al islam to your evil hearts’ content. We want NO PART of it here in dar al harb.

  • Jackshepherd

    How to Make Sense of Evil, by Rev. Jack Shepherd
      These are my thoughts and struggles with out political correctness. Most would not broche the topic for fear of reprisal.
      Evil, what is it? Is it the thought of a thing? Or is it not agreeing with me? Is it a living thing or living action? Do I have to believe in God for evil to be real? Can there be evil with out a God? Is it one country and its leaders that can be evil? Or is it the peoples of a country? Is evil one religious group and its teachings? Can evil be done once by one person and never again by that person? Can the teachings of one person, like Hitler be considered an evil?
       Some people just place blame out there and out of their control. We do this because it’s easy and it leaves us off the hook of responsibility. In religions and politics most of us think and act according to how we are raised. This means my views are that of parents and grandparents and the community I grew up in unless I have given it great consideration. I have given considerations to why I think way I do. We all should.
       Some duck out of responsibility by not claiming and defining their party or God. This allows one to suggest others have not thought their viewpoints through and others are labeled ignorant or biased and sometimes as racist.
      A few of my friends think my views are skewed or biased against Muslims. They are right, but am I justified in my thoughts? If and only if I claim to be a Christian I must be aware of the atrocities committed by certain christians and denounce them forthright. Those who bomb abortion clinics come to mind. For as much wrong done in the name of Christ or God over the centuries there is no excuse.   
      Scholars and men and women of all faiths have and continue to struggle with these questions of evil.  Philosophers from the beginning of civilized man have attempted to answer these same questions.
      The short answer or narrow-minded easy answer would be yes to all of the above questions. Jack, that’s me, believes in a Christian God and Christ as the Son of God and heaven as well as hell. I also believe in Demons and Angels. Am I right? Only death will tell. I also believe the sun will rise tomorrow and only tomorrow can prove me right or wrong. Some find Christianity an evil in its self. Does this make it so?
      How then should I conduct my self until tomorrow or until my death, becomes the question. For me, certain things will always be evil. Governments and its so called leaders that abuse their powers for self gain is an evil perpetrated on its people at the expense of its people. We can see this in the USA and other countries. Any organization that claims a set of ideas that the rest of the world has to accept or be taken over is an act evil in my opinion. Again I would say look at Hitler in the past or Koney in the present day.
      History has many examples of this. Including world leaders believing they were minor gods incarnate. Over the course of man’s time, religions and philosophies have come and gone and empires have risen and fallen.
      Cave men had ideas of good and evil. Today we can see aboriginal peoples around the world still practice many odd things. Does this make them backwards and out of touch with today’s thinking? Not to them.
       I believe Islam has teachings  which can be seen as an evil. Why? Not because they do not see Christ as I see him and yes I have read the Quran I know some spell it “Koran”. I also know it dates back to about 565 AD and parallels many religions. We can see parts of Christianity in the Quran. Also the teachings of Buddha parallel many religions. This example only names a few. This is true of many religions; I have counted 109 references to the death of the infidels in the Quran and for this and the inhumane treatment of women through Shari law practiced today I personally see this as an evil perpetrated in the name of deity. These examples can be easily found on the Internet. I know some of these 109 examples have to be out of context. Yet some are not in my opinion.
       Any conqueror will set conditions for assimilations or death, Islam is not alone in this practice. We did it in USA with the genocide to American Native Indians and it was and continues to be an evil in my opinion.
       So with the regards to Muslims, am I right? Or is it Islam I have a problem with. That for me is still up for debate to some degree. If and only if I know a thing to be wrong I personally have to stand and say so. However if that carried a death mark to me would I do it? From what I know at this time about Islam I would call Islam an opportunist for evil and not it’s people or Muslims as a whole.                                    
       Some would say the old testament of the Christian religion has it’s begging in Samarian four thousands years before Christ and Christianity is replicated in Islam and other religions. So, how then if an Atheist commits an act of horror and killing is that seen?
     A friend pointed out for me to claim all Muslims to be evil was an immature view and he was right. He stated and I quote in part, “ I would have to consider all homeless lazy” if I were to lump all Muslims into one group. 
      My answer, for me, is if and only if you partake of thing that has the potential for world dominance and the death of those who do not think as you do, then yes that is an evil.  If and only if you as an individual stand ideally by and do nothing when one person or one group commits atrocities towards others then that also is a form of evil to me.
     How do I live with this then? I think one must be willing to be challenged on their beliefs. I also believe for me, I must be actively involved by writing and discussing my ideologies with others and with those who do not believe as I do. I believe in supporting the community I live in and to get know what aide is available for the poor and homeless as well as to know the topics and political concerns and candidates in my local, state and federal campaigns and vote accordingly. I may indeed feel called to run for an office one day and if I do give it the full measure of my weight.
      My summation of evil for me is easy. I question all Muslims yet treat them with the dignity and respect they and everyone should be treated with. I disagree with Islam for three reasons. One, it does not see Christ as I do, and two; their treatment of women is inhumane to me. The third is I will never accept Shari law as just or humane.
      So, I practice this, if I know of a wrong I attempt to correct it. If I see a crime in progress I report it. If I think one group is attempting to take over the world, I should say so.  One must put something into a thing to get something out of thing.
       Yet this I practice daily. Harm no one unless it is utterly unavoidable. Trample on nothing and treat everyone and everything with dignity and respect. Maim and kill only as the very last response. Stand and be counted or be forever silent.    
     Send your questions or comments to P.O. BOX 908, Kingman, AZ. 86402

  • Muhammad Taha

    You quoted AYAT al-Ma`idah 5:33 and translation by John Medows Rodwell …which is wrongly translated and you are quoting it is out of context, you need to read the whole Surah for its context, here is the correct translation ..nn>> Indeed, those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) and remain engaged in creating mischief in the land (i.e., perpetrate bloodshed, terrorism, robbery, burglary and massacre amongst Muslims), their punishment is that they should be slain, or hanged to death, or their hands and their feet on opposite sides should be cut off, or they should be exiled far from (i.e., deprived of moving about in) the homeland (i.e., either by banishment or by imprisonment). That is the humiliation for them in this world, and for them there is a terrible torment in the Hereafter (as well),<>>O believers! Do not consider (hostile) Jews and Christians as (your) reliable allies. They (all) are friends to one another (against you). And whoever of you makes friends with them will (also) become one of them. Surely, Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people.<<<nnPlease always note that any Arabic scripture is very hard to translate accurately in English as Arabic is much more rich language than others. Many words/ phrases cannot be translated properly,nReading the whole context will give you more accurate understanding than just googling the words.nThanks and regards.