To Hell And Back: an IDF Original

by Infidelesto on August 31, 2006 · 1 comment

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Israeli journalist Itai Anghel of Menorah joined the Nahal Brigade of the IDF as the crossed the border into Southern Lebanon. This is amazing footage of being on the ground with the IDF as the footage shows house-to-house combat through eyes of a night vision lens. This video is worth watching EVERY minute. (25min) The Hezbollah fighters killed were found in full IDF gear, from the head cover, make up, as well as full Israeli uniform.

Here’s a quote from the NYSUN

TEL AVIV, Israel — In the least friendly fire imaginable, Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon encountered Hezbollah wearing Israel Defense Force uniforms, the Jewish state’s leading investigative news program reported.


During a battle on the evening of August 6 and early hours of August 7, in the town of Hule, an IDF unit found two Hezbollah dressed in Israeli fatigues and helmets in a civilian home. The battlefield commander was forced to order his men to remove the white hats they wear on their helmets to distinguish his men from the enemy.

An embedded reporter, Itai Anghel, from the weekly television news series “Uvda” — widely regarded as Israel’s equivalent to “60 Minutes” — filmed the battle with a night vision camera.

In an interview yesterday, Mr. Anghel said,”There were two of them in one of the houses. The soldiers realized they were wearing army uniforms. They had the helmet cover as well. They were wearing everything the IDF soldiers wear.”

The report of Hezbollah in IDF uniforms fighting Israelis shows that Israel’s foe has studied the Israel Defense Force closely. The tactic presents a challenge for soldiers trying to fight them; according to Mr. Engel, the house to house fighting was brutal, and the surprise of fighting the enemy in friendly uniforms only added to the fog of war.

The story also serves as another example of the Iranian proxy’s predilection for fighting outside the laws of war. Earlier, the Israelis claimed Hezbollah fired rockets into its northern towns and cities from civilian positions, and the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon warned in the first week of fighting that the terrorists were using the U.N. positions as cover.

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