Az Governor Approved Dispicable 9/11 Memorial

by Infidelesto on September 26, 2006 · 2 comments

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I am not surprised that She did this. Napolitano described the memorial as being ” unique, bold, educational and unforgettable.” With Quotes like “Middle East violence motivates attacks in US”, “Erroneous Air Strike kills 46 Uruzgan civilians”, “Patriotism peaks”, “Avtar Singh Cheira, a Sikh, shot in Phoenix”, “feeling of invincibility lost”, “must bomb back”, “You don’t win battles of Terrorism with more battles”, and “foreign-born americans afraid”…….All this on a 9/11 Memorial? These are celebrations of 9/11 Herosim? People who hate this Country, hate what we stand for, and hate the idea of America actually standing up for what’s right? Yes, you may HATE the idea of war, but you’ve obviously never been punched in the nose before. Watch the VIDEO via Hotair

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  • Olive U.

    This is unbelievable to include all of the political rehtoric on a memorial. The only explanation is the completely liberal mindset that was involved in the design. I read that the commission was set so half were conservative, and half were liberal. It was a totally political endeavor from the start. The victims of 9-11 were not political, they were innocent victims of an act of war on our nation’s soil, and should be memorialized as the first casualties of the war on terror. Why is that such a difficult task? It is clear that the liberals have taken over Arizona politics, and the conservative’s voice of reason, morality, and love of country has been overcome with the politics of fear, hate, and unpatriotic actions such as this. What a shameful waste of money and effort.

  • Rudy

    Typical leftist apologist propaganda. Punch a liberal in the mouth. When they move to retaliate tell them your upbringing made you do it and beg forgiveness. When they say its fine, hit them again, only harder. Repeat until they learn that sometimes you have to fight back.