"Allah will not be pleased until we reach the rooftop of the White House"

by Infidelesto on October 10, 2006 · 2 comments

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A Top Al-Qaeda leader also urges for terrorists to develop their nuclear technology. We live in a scary world when Islamic extremists develop the intelligence or recruit an intelligent one to develop these weapons for them. The world will never be safe until this ideaology of hate is crushed.

DUBAI (Reuters) – A man believed to be a top al Qaeda militant who escaped from a U.S. jail near Kabul was shown in a new videotape broadcast on Tuesday exhorting followers in Afghanistan to fight on until they attack the White House.

“Allah will not be pleased until we reach the rooftop of the White House,” Abu Yahya al-Libi was shown telling fighters in the tape aired by the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya television.

The channel said the tape was one-hour long, showing footage of Libi urging fighters to train hard and even to try to acquire nuclear technology.

“You have to get well prepared by starting with exercise, and then you have to learn how to use technology until you are capable of nuclear weapons,” he said.

Full article from Reuters

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  • db edwards

    I have a broom handle for Allah and I will shove it in him where the moon don’t shine.

  • hellosnackbar

    Allah is imaginary ; but your sentiment is to be applauded!