An Alternate Solution to the "Islam Problem"

by Infidelesto on October 10, 2006 · 3 comments

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Interesting article over on 6th Column. It talks about the 3 possible solutions to the Islam problem we have in the world today. Here are a few quotes that I Liked: click here for Full Article

We infidels are a tolerant lot; even under the malignant influence of the Postmodernists, though, our patience is finite, and one day, we will have to solve the “Islam Problem.” We cannot, and will not, indefinitely put up with their attacks, whether they involve murder and mayhem or da’wa, on our way of life.

One so-called “solution” is to cave, to give in; that’s the Postmodernist-Leftist-Liberal “solution.” Europe, Canada,
Central and South America, Africa, and parts of Asia have already made the decision to become dhimmis, but we, and with any
luck, Australia, will not go that route. So caving is out–at least for a few of us.

A second “solution” is to destroy their three holiest sites: the Kaaba in Mecca (the meteorite that they believe was built under the supervision of Adam to resemble the heavenly house of Allah), the Mosque of the Prophet Mohammed in Medina (the burial site of Mohammed and his family), and the Dome Mosque in Jerusalem.  Victor Mordecai, the pen-name of a respected authority on Islamic terrorism, says that if these sites were destroyed, it would prove to Allah’s followers that he was not “the greatest” after all, and that they would feel the need to find themselves a “strong” God–maybe even the Christian God–and that the effort to make a world wide caliphate would then fizzle.

There actually is a third solution, but while it would be an uphill climb for those few Muslims who really want to “give peace a chance,” and lead productive, happy lives, it is a solution taken from their own history and would not require them to leave Islam. Doubtless, it would be considered heretical in the worst way by the current crop of mullahs and ayatollahs, and by many of their ordinary Muslim neighbors and family members, but it does offer a potential solution.  

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  • Illawarrior

    Perhaps we can make it compulsory to wear bikinis, and this will too offensive, and they would prefer to avoid us?

    • Illawarrior

      bikinis do not look attractive on old unattractive women, but no matter how old, or how unattractive we are, we still have basic human rights!

  • Stephanie Windsor

    IT offends me to be called “Infidel.” It offends me to demand that I convert or have my head cut off. It offends me that any one, or group, want’s to dictate how I worship or who I worship. It offends me that any one, or group, gets all butt hurt if I don’t agree with their radical ideology. It offends me that any one, or group, wants to pass laws restricting my constitutional right to free speech. It offends me that any one, or group, comes to my country, demands the privileges of my country and refuse to become citizens of my country, learn to read, write and speak English, and pay taxes. It offends me that any one, or group, wants to cut my head off IN MY COUNTRY because they consider me an ,”infidel.” nnIt will offend me if there is not a law passed to make, “taking offense by any one, or group, a crime.”nHave I offended any one, or group?