Chilling Islamic Demonstration in London – Know your enemy

by Infidelesto on October 4, 2006 · 2 comments

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These people are Nuts…There’s no other way to put it. Their minds have been corrupted by the evil Imams who preach the literal translation of the Koran. A world wide war is brewing between Islam and the West, and it is very sad. What these people don’t understand is that it takes a whole lot of prodding and poking to awaken a Sleeping Giant. The Sleeping Giant is very tolerant and willing to deal with the pokes and jabs until it becomes just to much for the Sleeping Giant to keep sleeping. Then when the Sleeping Giant is awakened, he is very mad. To all the Pokers and prodders who support Radical Islam…if you awaken the Sleeping Giant, if you continue to Poke us with your Terrorist acts, killing our women, children, and innocents, you will be crushed without mercy. Keep terrorizing us, Keep calling for our blood, Keep oppressing your women, Keep bullying the world with you rhetoric, Keep prodding……..and you will regret the force that will be brought upon you.

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  • Anonymous

    All these sick people makes me sick too =( Why can´t they live us and go home again and stay there???

  • Tonto

    Cool!  All this islamic craziness will garner a result….islam will be obliterated.  Syria is on the verge of civil war.  Israel is sabotaging Iran’s war machine.  Egypt, Libya. Morocco and other islamic states are all in a state of flux.  Obama is on his last year as president and every day, war in the M/E becomes more and more inevitable.  Apostasy is becoming more public.  Iran has people in the streets demonstrating and plotting.  Saudi Arabia has protestors and plotters too……