Turkish Hijackers 'Not aggressive'; Hooray for appeasement

by Infidelesto on October 3, 2006 · 0 comments

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Update: Turns out they were Turks seeking to deliver a message to The Pope, claiming they were christians seeking political asylum.  I guess this is the end of this story, I don’t think the MSM will be covering this again…oh well……

No mention of what religion the hijackers may be…. but if they’re protesting the Pope’s visit to Turkey, then they’re obviously Muslim. But you won’t hear that in the mainstream media though, especially not BBC. The article also states that the passengers were not in an danger? What? How can someone hijack an airplane without threatening or hurting someone in the process? The BBC states:

‘Not aggressive’

Candan Karlitekin, chairman of Turkish Airlines’ board of directors, said nobody had been hurt and the hijackers were apparently not threatening passengers.

“The passengers are not under any threat,” he said.

“They will surrender, they declared that they will surrender the moment they hijacked the plane.”

Asked if the hijacking was a protest against the papal visit, Mr Karliteken told Turkish TV channel NTV: “The cockpit was told that it was a protest of this nature.”

Salvatore Sciacchitano, deputy director of the Italian civil aviation authority, also said the hijackers appeared to be “not aggressive” and ready to free the passengers, AFP reports.

I don’t understand how this is possible. Fox News and BBC are both EMPHASIZING that the passengers aren’t in any danger? Why? because the hijackers said they were prepared to surrender? obviously they’re radical muslims, and the BBC is obviously trying to make it seem like this is a “peaceful” hijacking GIMME A BREAK!! Nobody peacefully hijacks an airplane! I can picture it now:

“Everyone stay in your seats, we are taking over the plane through diplomatic means! Um Mr. Pilot Sir, would it be a problem if I took over your plane for a while? I don’t want to hurt anyone, I just want to protest the pope’s visit. Um, Mr. Pilot Sir, would that be ok?”

Full articles from BBC and Fox

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