Why the Arab World won't support the Palestinians

by Infidelesto on October 24, 2006 · 7 comments

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An Arab official spokesman: We support the right of the Palestinian people to choose. They have chosen martyrdom. We support that choice.

I find it interesting that the UN and the rest of the world are demanding more support for the Palestinian people, yet the surrounding Arab countries themselves refuse to help the Palestinians at all. How can so many people blame the West for not supporting Palestine but not look at all the Arab nations and their lack of support themselves. The blame needs to be spread across the world, not just America and Israel. This Article is very insightful; here are some quotes:

Arab governments have frequently offered jobs, housing, land and other benefits to Arabs and non-Arabs, excluding Palestinians. Saudi Arabia chose not to use unemployed Palestinian refugees to alleviate its labor shortage in the late 1970s and early ’80s.

Instead, thousands of South Koreans were recruited to fill jobs.

Kuwait, which employed large numbers of Palestinians but denied them citizenship, expelled more than 300,000 of them, claiming they posed a security threat.

In Lebanon Palestinians are prohibited by law from more than 70 trades and professions, and are compelled to rely on United Nations Relief and Works Agency for education, public health, relief, and other social services.

Given the Arab states’ harsh treatment of the Palestinians, how can they, in good conscience, urge the Western nations, the United States in particular, to adopt a more pro-Palestinian policy in mediating the Israeli-Palestine dispute?

The answer is not hard to come by. The truth is that the Arab nations couldn’t care less about their Palestinian brothers. Their sole objective, and the goal that goads them, is the eternal, demented and monomaniacal drive to erase Israel from the face of the Earth.

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  • http://Infidelsarecool alan

    Unfortunately,this is true. They are not unlike the Jews in the past. Islam is depraved. it uses the Palestians as a foil to divert from their countries tyranny and fascism. Yet,the world ALSO gives the Muslims lip service and support …. oil whores. Remember:DARFUR=ISLAM.

  • Kal-El

    Agreed. While Judaism reformed and modernized, islam is incapable of the objective self-evaluation that would result in similar reformation. That and the fact that islam is a cult, a cheap shoddy ripoff of Judaism and Christianity, with pedophilia, robbery, mass murder, lying to advance the cult (taqiyya) all added to make it possible for the cult to survive.

  • Ron Larson

    With friends like those, who needs enemies? I really hope that someday the Palestinians open their eyes and realize they are just being used as cannon fodder by the cleptocracy Arab states that claim to be their friends. They are a massive side show used to divert the attention of the Arab street from the theft and problems at home.

    Seriously, the LAST thing any Arab leader wants is a solution to the Palestine/Israel conflict. Then who would they have to blame all of their problems on?

  • Bob's Your Uncle

    I think this perspective is misguided. To properly understand the Palestinian issue, imagine: first of all, that we were not the dominant world power; secondly, that the dominant world powers' culture had developed a spiritual kinship with the Native American People; and finally, that these world powers at some point invaded America, confined all non-Native American's to, say, New Mexico and Montana, armed the Native Americans with the greatest military arsenal available and personally assisted in any major threats or disturbances, and then permanently branded us and any sympathizers as "terrorists" for resisting this outrage with every fiber of our being for continual generations. All in the name of "Freedom" and "Human Rights"! All the while, starving and cutting off from the world these two land locked regions–nationally isolated, yet with international boarders–that Canada and Mexico closely guarded to keep all the "White Trash" refugees from fleeing into their prospering (by comparison) nations and flooding their labor markets and social factors with a problem that never should have existed in the first place.
    Indeed, the situation only gives credence to the religious teachings that "Jews are Evil".
    Their abject poverty and utter hopelessness mix well with their religion's promises of paradise for martyrs in the same American spirit as "Live free or Die". Indeed, they mean it even more than we do.

    • hellosnackbar

      If the Palis dumped their ideology(aka Islam)and dumped their demented leaders;they would, over time, see the corrupting and baleful influence of the death cult that they had the misfortune to be born within.
      Many of Arab origin live peacefully and productively within the borders of Israel proper and are happy to do so;
      preferring parliamentary democracy to the primitive barbarism of their arab brothers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lorenzo-Shalimar-Drakeford/100001244160729 Lorenzo Shalimar Drakeford

    Who cares? Let them eat cake. BLTs, whatever.

    • Anonymous


      You gave me a great idea for “outreach” to the mohammadan world: Pork for peace! :D