A New Direction for the GOP

by Infidelesto on November 14, 2006 · 8 comments

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This is an interesting time to be a conservative. The Republicans that have survived in Congress have a chance to make a statement. Although they are the minority now, they can still do BIG things for ’08. They can show the American public what they stand for. They can stand up for conservative principles. They can take a stand, like Reagan did. The next two years are so crucial to the conservative base. If we don’t do something to change the tide of growing divide between conservatives and the Republicans, then we could be facing a Democrat controlled government for the next 8 years. I pray to God that the right people in the Republican party stand up and represent the REAL conservatives.

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  • Girlfriend Infidel

    Really interesting clip. I think it’s so important for any party, democrat or republican to evaluate themselves and their actions. the mid-term elections was a wake up call to BOTH parties i think. it reminded everyone that the american people are in power, they still have an interest in politics, and are able to come together and make an impact at the polls. the next 2 years are going to be very interesting, hopefully the right can rebuild and hopefully the left can make some postive changes.

  • meddian

    Positive changes? Not only are you a traitor on American soil but your very naive.LOL. You mean like Hitlers positive changes?Or Castros? WOW. Lead  by Geroge Sorus and a radical Islamic who supports the slaughter of CHRISTAINS  in Kenya by Odinga. He just sent him a $1M, go read about the truth in AtlasShurggs.  Or, would it be the money he spread around after the Democratic Alliance (developed by G.Sorrus) who RAPED America for over 1,000 ACORN orgs lead by your buddy? He got the biggest cut. He flip flops on everything and lies. He is the KING of liars. Or maybe the changes would be when takes the WORD GOD out of every American document like the CONSTITUTION that YOU turned against (TRAITOR) or maybe its the millions of American babies that he is authorized to kill under the FREEDOM of CHOICE act? (traitor) He doesn’t care they aren’t Islamic babies. (they have 4 wives) Or maybe its the bringing down ALL our Defenses (traitor)–that he voted present 120 times. Hummn..to work for the FBI or DEA you have to have not done drugs in 10 years (pot), but your radical champion is a cocaine addict. And  he is getting supreme power to build terrorists (ACORN rebels the new Nazis ) to go door to door. haven’t seen t heir new salute? (traitor). Or maybe its his mentor-Frank Marshall Davis who wrote the SEX REBEL,another pediphile. Those kind of changes? (traitor) You are a socialist communist! get of America that we DEFEND, get out! Move to Kenya with Odgina, or Libya! or move to MI! Traitor!They’ve taken over England, now they’ve taken over MI, MN. Even Canada is scared they just voted for consertative. Never thought that would happen. These evil people lead  by people like YOU need to leave. Your not an American your the worst. You live here and suck the resources that we Americans built by DEFENDING her, and our constitution. Our boys are fighting Islamics and you just voted for one. YOU MAKE ME SICK traitor. Traitor, traitor!!!!!

  • CM

    “but your radical champion is a cocaine addict” — So was Bush. (I’m assuming you are a Bush supporter.)

    “Our boys are fighting Islamics and you just voted for one.” — Our boys are fighting terrorism, not Muslims.

    “Or maybe the changes would be when takes the WORD GOD out of every American document” — Awesome, can’t wait. America is a democracy, not a theocracy — that’s too close in character to places like Jordan, Iran, etc.

  • Kal


    terrorism is nearly always committed by muslims. do the math. The followers of pedophile Muhammad (muslims) declared war on the US in the 1780′s.

  • jennyjen

    CM, you are one scary ass liberal. Yes we are fighting Muslims, it’s became synonymous with terrorist. They brought it upon themselves, they made their bed, time to lie in it.
    This country was founded upon Christian teachings, tolerance being one of those teachings. So what if you’re an atheist, whoop-tee-fuckin’ DO! You’re free to be that thanks to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  In Iran, you’d be killed for not recognizing Allah and Mohammed as his prophet. Now I think you need to be a little more grateful to this great country that gives you all this freedom. Just because you don’t believe in your government aka the coke addict, doesn’t mean you can’t believe in your country.

  • CM


    I wish you would hold back on assuming things about me before getting out the information, just as I have held back on assuming things about you. I’m not an atheist, nor am I a “liberal”, or registered with any political party. I’m not “ungrateful” for living here — that’s really a wild assumption you made, and I’m not sure where you came up with that idea.

    All of us here see one thing or the other wrong with Islam, and that is the reason why I am reading the posts on this blog.

  • jennyjen

    Liberal isn’t a political party, it’s a mindset and from your post, you looked to fit it. Sensitive much??
    Good to know your grateful, I disagree with the government but I love my country, my bible and my gun. I can’t help my redneck, kinda proud of it actually. Sometimes it causes me to jump to conclusions but I’m actually a pretty reasonable person as long as I’m dealing with another reasonable person.

  • CM

    Again, you’re assuming I’m sensitive! :) I have no idea where my views fall along the continuum of “liberal” versus “conservative”. I think it’s just too narrow a definition for me.

    I love this country a lot, and I try to remain consistent with the beliefs this country was founded on. Like freedom of speech, freedom to practice your religion, freedom to not have any religion at all, the idea that all men were created equal, democracy, freedom of press, freedom to criticize your government without fear of being killed by that government. I think these are attractive things that a lot of people want in their own countries. It’s just going to take some time.