Moderate Muslim Banned from Mosque for Criticizing Extremism

by Infidelesto on November 27, 2006 · 2 comments

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This poor guy in Tulsa was kicked out of his Mosque for “criticizing Islam in front of non-believers”. He was threatened with violence and even took out a restraining order after multipe threats on his life.

I hope people are paying attention to this crazy ideology. More and more moderate Muslims are being silenced because of fear instilled by the extremists. Even if you live in America, the land of freedom, you still are threatened with your life if you speak out against something. How long will it take for the MSM to wake up to this threat we face? Are we so afraid to “insult” a muslim? Are we so afraid of getting sued by the ACLU, or CAIR? This country is being slowly infiltrated by this ideology of hate and supression, while the MSM can’t stop talking about the Imam’s rights being violated on an airplane in Minnesota.

When will the MSM wake up? How long do we have to keep appeasing these people? before we know it there will be several Muslims in Congress attempting to insert Sharia type laws into our daily life, Ellison is only the first one….



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  • guest

    it is better to have a vote on finding how many of the muslims in US/ Canada, actually approve of CAIR etc.

  • Steve

    Islamists continue to be brazen until they are put in their place by the laws of the land backed by the leaders. Unfortunately we have appeasing traitors in office in this country just as bad as the ones who helped fuel the nazi rise years ago. By the way the nazis were joined by the islamists even then in their genocidical plans though they focused on the jews. Now islamists are hell bent on killing jews, christians, atheists, anyone who is not a muslim.