Rejection of Advancement

by Infidelesto on November 27, 2006 · 0 comments

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Iran is limiting internet speeds to reduce downloads of video and music, therefore opressing their people even more…. tightening the noose on freedom of expression and thought.
This is exactly why Muslims living under Islamofascist Theocracies don’t advance in society and why they’re still living in their 3rd world huts…..

Anything that remotely make Islam look bad or undermine the values of Islam is considered bad.  Exactly why the West rose to prominence around the world while the Middle East sat and watched, oppressing their women and teaching their children to hate those who want freedom.

Government of Iran is limiting the download speeds of Internet to keep its younger generation away from outside influences that can undermine its Islamic culture. The service providers in the country have been instructed to restrict download speed to 128 Kbps. It will make the download of foreign music and video from Internet difficult.

From Newswire via The Religion of Peace (believe it or else) 

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