Ahmadinejad: "Champion of the Dispossessed, a Global Everyman"

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TIME has gone off its rocker. If I wasn’t person of the year (or you, or your neighbor, or Spongebob Squarepants), TIME would have made Iranian president Ahmadinejad its person of the year.

Their love letter to the “normal” president starts as such:

For a man of such outsize ambition, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tries hard to seem normal. He drives a 20-year-old Peugeot and spends a few nights a week at a modest house in a residential neighborhood of Tehran. When he visited New York City in September, his wife brought dates from Iran to save money on food. And then there is the Jacket? the bland beige windbreaker he wears even for affairs of state, projecting the image he prefers for himself as champion of the dispossessed, a global Everyman

Funny, I imagine his wife brought those dates because she needed a snack. Did she live on the dates and eat nothing else the whole trip? Please! As for the jacket, sounds to me like he has bad taste in fashion.

…the former engineering professor turned Tehran mayor has become the most voluble, polarizing leader in the Middle East. It isn’t simply his country’s support of militant Shiite groups in Lebanon and Iraq, or Iran’s suspected pursuit of a nuclear bomb. In 2006 Ahmadinejad also appealed to audiences beyond Iran who resent U.S. power and feel emboldened to challenge it. His denials of the Holocaust and his threat to destroy Israel cause shudders in the West but have made him an icon throughout the Muslim world.

I wonder if the author actually thought about these words as he/she typed them. Those groups that they “support”? They attack America on a daily basis. How could someone who denies the Holocaust be a person of the year??

The article continues with an interview with Ahmadinejad. Go here to read the whole thing, and see how he believes we (the American people) are asking him for his point of view, how we should just drop the whole silly Holocaust business, and how we can do nothing to him.

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