Allegation: "CAIR Founder says Islam to Rule America"

by Infidelesto on December 11, 2006 · 3 comments

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Ok, so no one has this on tape, so they can’t prove it, but they do have this article dated before 9/11 when no one would make a big fuss out of this.  The editor of this newspaper completely backs up the Lisa Gardiner report, and the CAIR founder will forever deny it of course, but it’s my guess this reporter didn’t have much of an agenda back in 1998.  This is Pre-9/11 we’re talking here.  It would never have made news back then considering the “not so big threat” of Islamic terrorism.  This seems to be just simple reporting, accepted as truth back then, no one ever denied it back then when it was reported.  It’s just peculiar that what we suspect of this organization is starting to get leaked out.  Just to preface:

San Ramon Valley Herald, July 4 1998 written by Lisa Gardiner

Headline: “American Muslim Leader urges faithful to spread Islam’s message”  Read the Full Article, here are some quotes:

Omar M. Ahmad Chairman of the board of CAIR, spoke before a packed crowd at the Flamingo Palace banquet hall on Peralta Boulevard, urging muslims “not to shirk their duty of sharing the Islamic faith with those who are on the wrong side”, Ahmad was one of three who spoke at as part of an Islamic study school session, entitled “How should we as Muslims live in America”

“Muslim Institutions, schools, and economic power should be strengthened in America,” he said

“Everything we need to know is in the Koran.”

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant,” he said.  The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.


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  • Lumir

    This goes well with the idea and depending on who you talk to, the fact, that Wahabi sponsored Islam has at the root of its strategy (or strategery for SNL fans) to simply outbreed everyone else. Why take four wives? To have more children.

    What do more children mean? They mean its harder to educate, harder to feed, harder to employ, and easier to inflame. Herds of young, dumb, unemployed men can rule the world. Islam is not tolerant in the extremes, and barely in the middle. Christianity mellowed out over time, but not Islam. Islam keeps growing as we continue to feed it with oil, that we discovered.

    If we leave the fight now, they’ll bring the fight, with their families, to us later.

    When I woke up this morning, I said to myself, ‘Damn, its good to be an infidel!’

  • Infidelesto

    Agreed! It is Damn good to be an Infidel!

    • peter

      Islam is an abhorrent and stone age religion.