Ethiopia shows the world how to fight Islamofascism *UPDATED*

by Infidelesto on December 28, 2006 · 0 comments

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It’s great to see Prime minister Zenawi take the fight to the enemy. He’s not afraid of all the political hoop-la. War is very ugly indeed, but necessary at times. Zenawi is showing the rest of the world, including the U.S. and Israel, how to engage the enemy. Use your military might to CRUSH the enemy. Take the will from them to fight. Overwhelm them to ensure complete and total victory. DO NOT hesitate like some have….. Ehud Olmert hesitated in the Lebanon war. Bush hesitated in Iraq. Let’s hope and pray that we will NOT HESITATE when we have to look the enemy in the eye and fight for our right to live and live as free men.

Tonight as we write this, Ethiopia appears on the verge of ‘crushing’ the Council of Islamic Courts (CIC) militias as invading forces rapidly approach the major city of Mogadishu.

The Islamists dreams of the CIC of a ‘Greater Somalia’ under shari’a law has all but gone up in smoke in the wake of bombings of Mogadishu’s airport by aging Mig aircraft of the Ethiopian Air Force flying virtually unopposed.

Ironically, this may be payback for the failed ‘Black Hawk Down’ incident that saw 18 U.S. airmen, Delta and Ranger force soldiers killed, 73 wounded and one captured in an unsuccessful U.N. humanitarian raid against warlords in October, 1993 in Mogadishu. The U.S. State Department announced its support for the Ethiopian operation and our military in the region may be re-supplying the invading force.

According, to Reuters news reports advancing Ethiopian forces estimate that more than 1,000 Islamist fighters have been killed and thousands more captured including foreign fighters.

Clearly, the U.S. which has air, naval, marine and special force assets in the region in neighboring Djibouti gave Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi the ‘green light’ to attack the Islamist by defending the faltering secular Somalia government at the federal capital in Baidoa.

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Ignore everyone else, Sheik Suley has the facts!

Leaders of the Islamic movement have said that the war is merely “entering a new phase.” The movement’s leader Sheik Mohamoud Ibrahim Suley told the Associated Press on Wednesday that “our snakes of defense were let loose, now they are ready to bite the enemy everywhere in Somalia.”

They may yet launch a guerilla war, but I don’t think Ethiopia is going to be particularly scrupulous in how they counter an insurgency. That might just backfire as well.

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Supposing Ethiopia and the TNG go on to win this fight, there’s a lesson in it for us and the rest of the West: Once you decide to fight, fight to win and don’t stop until you have. That’s not a military lesson, but a political one.

What we and the Israelis seem to lack right now, and which the Ethiopians apparently have, is the political will to win without worrying overmuch what the so-called internation community thinks. There is no Ethiopian equivalent of Joe Biden wagging a finger at the Ethiopian leadership over every little thing that isn’t perfect, and there is no Ethiopian equivalent of John Kerry comparing a days-old fight to Vietnam. And aren’t the Ethiopians lucky.

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