Khobar Towers: Iran Did It….But We Already Knew That…

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Andrew McCarthy over at The Corner has an excellent round up of sources explaining how Iran is the one who bombed our embassy and killed our soldiers back in 1996, and that we’ve known it was them all along:

This is old news to those who followed the 9/11 Commission report and Iran’s historic record as the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism — particularly, anti-U.S. terrorism. But now, a federal judge has ruled that Iran was responsible for the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in which 19 American Air Force personnel were killed and 372 wounded.

In point of fact, the Iranian role has been known to our government since the 1990s. The Clinton administration suppressed it because, right after the Khobar bombing, President Clinton threatened to retaliate with a military attack against any nation found to be complicit. Acknowledging proof of an Iranian role would have required doing something about it.


By autumn 1999, evidence had emerged that was reliable enough for State Department spokesman James Rubin to state publicly: “We do have specific information with respect to the involvement of Iranian government officials.” Yet, Clinton contented himself with firing off … a letter, pleading with the mullahs — who, mind you, had already spurned a similar request — for help bringing those responsible to justice.

You can read the article in detail here. Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs.

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