Muhammad's Own Words – Convert or Die

by Infidelesto on December 5, 2006 · 98 comments

Do you like this story?

Take a look at some direct quotes from the Koran, see for yourself….Convert or Die oh Infidel!!!

Qur’an:9:88 – “The Messenger and those who believe with him, strive hard and fight with their wealth and lives in Allah’s Cause.”

Qur’an:9:5 - “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”

Qur’an:9:112 “The Believers fight in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed.”

Qur’an:9:29 “Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission.”

Qur’an:8:39 “Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah.”

Qur’an:8:39 “So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone (in the whole world).”

Ishaq:587 “Our onslaught will not be a weak faltering affair. We shall fight as long as we live. We will fight until you turn to Islam, humbly seeking refuge. We will fight not caring whom we meet. We will fight whether we destroy ancient holdings or newly gotten gains. We have mutilated every opponent. We have driven them violently before us at the command of Allah and Islam. We will fight until our religion is established. And we will plunder them, for they must suffer disgrace.”

Qur’an:8:65 “O Prophet, urge the faithful to fight. If there are twenty among you with determination they will vanquish two hundred; if there are a hundred then they will slaughter a thousand unbelievers, for the infidels are a people devoid of understanding.”

Qur’an:9:123 “Fight the unbelievers around you, and let them find harshness in you.”

Ishaq:578 “Crushing the heads of the infidels and splitting their skulls with sharp swords, we continually thrust and cut at the enemy. Blood gushed from their deep wounds as the battle wore them down. We conquered bearing the Prophet’s fluttering war banner. Our cavalry was submerged in rising dust, and our spears quivered, but by us the Prophet gained victory.”

This is just the tip of the Iceberg to see the rest of Muhammad’s quotes: Prophet of Doom

Get the Hint? Convert or Die….Know your enemy

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  • creoledeniro

    You take quote out the Quran, out of context. 9:5 When the four Sacred Months are over and if the idolaters are still aggressing, neither becoming law-abiding citizens of the State, nor emigrating, subdue them wherever you find them, take them captive, and besiege them, and ambush them. But if they repent from aggression, and help in the consolidation of the Divine System and in setting up the Just Economic Order of Zakat, then leave them free. Verily, Allah is Forgiving Merciful. In the Quran 2; 256. (Although this Message has been sent down by the Almighty), there is absolutely no compulsion or coercion in religion. This Rule shall have no exception because Right has been made distinct from Wrong (3:4). Whoever rejects false gods such as the priesthood, and attains conviction in the Word of Allah, has grasped the Unbreakable Support. This assurance comes from Allah, the Hearer the Knower. This clearly kills you statements above in context. Islam teaches that a man have a right to worship as he please. You also need to look into the bible how jesus(pbuh)But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay [them] before me. (Luke 19:27)

    • Beejj

      In other words, do as we say or else!

      • Joshua White

        Hey!! That’s god’s line!

    • Dochollomon

      I guess the hijackers on 9/11 didn't read that part either

    • DD

      Talk about taking a verse out of context! Wow, what you are trying to suggest Jesus was saying is not even close to what these passages in the Quran really are saying. While I agree that a couple of these from the Quran might be slightly suggestive of other matters and out of context, in general the Quran lays out very clearly that one must ultimately convert or die (and not of old age, but be killed by Muslims) and Muslims are encouraged to vigorously and violently, if necessary, go after the infidels (non-Muslims). If you suggest otherwise, you are either fooling yourself or blatantly lying (but I know that it is OK for you to lie to an infidel). After all, one of the the great symbols of Islam is THE SWORD. Do you think this is the sword of love and peace? Ha! The Bushes chose Islamic terrorists to carry out their evil plan to bring down the towers bc they were the perfect scapegoats and so he could invade Afghanistan and Iraq in order to surround Iran (a major obstacle for the Elite Global Bankers and New World Order Elite). Now Obama is in office doing your Islamic destructive work on America for you, put there by a naive New World Order Elite whom he will eventually betray.

      • Davidrajput

        Very good and very True answer. In Pakistan and many other Muslim countries Muslims are killing Christians and Burning christian churchs just because they are christian. Many times in many offices Christians don’t get the job because they are christian. I know it because I am from Pakistan.As long as there is one Muslim in this world there would be no peace. And let me let you ” A good Muslim can NEVER be a good American” What he is talking about.

        • Joshua White

          And neither a good moslem AND a good american can be a good human being.nThose institutions ~ like ANY institution ~ insists on enslaving the individual spirit and most fundamental right:- The right to NOT belong to their institutions: to simply live their own lives as they see fit on their own terms and NOT support the assorted bastardries via taxes, (enforced) ‘obligations, political/economic agenda, and religious (dog’s-dinner) dogma.nnYou’d think people everywhere could avoid religious persecution by simply declaring themselves disinterested non-godbotherers. But unfortunately that exposes one to attack from EVERYBODY else’s little gangs.

      • layla

        Quran 2:256- There shall be no compulsion in religion: the right way is now distinct from the wrong way. Anyone who denounces the devil and believes in God has grasped the strongest bond; one that never breaks. God is Hearer, Omniscient.

        • Anonymous

          If there is no compulsion, why do constitutions of countries like Iraq and Afghanistan establish state religion? Now that believers are killing believers, it is obvious established religion kills. That was known when the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution was written.

    • Ol_pappy_al

      Have you ever even read Luke chapter 19? Talk about taking things out of context.

    • George Frayer

      how can you say out of context when it is there plain as day!

    • Joshua White

      aah yes! Context! The favourite copout of christians too! Why do all these apologists assume that (their) god can’t express himself clearly and succinctly…and that THEY need to explain what he means. Starting with that child-rapist Moohamed.nnOnly, strangely, the jews don’t go in for that sort of crap; probably because THEIR god openly and proudly declares himself to be an arrogant arsehole to begin with.nnThank god I’m an atheist!

      • Joel

        Ah yes, atheism, the religion of Marxism, Pol Pot, Stalin and other murderers.nThere are evil people in every belief system. Even in atheism, which is still basically a belief system since you categorize yourself as a group with your own doctrine.

        • SS

          Quoting Bill Maher: “Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position.”nnYou don’t think that not believing that the sun will rise in the west tomorrow is dogma, do you?

    • Ron Fowler

      Yeah. Um….That verse in Luke is part of a parable. A story to teach a lesson. Even if the verses quoted above are not necessarily in context the fact remains that Muslims are encouraged to act violently towards unbelievers. Jesus, on the other hand, teaches to love your enemies and do good to them.

    • sjf

      Lolol…I love how Muslims defend such horrible attributes of their religion as if there is nothing unnerving or unsettling, (let me rephrase that… Sickening and appalling!!) within their religion. You just said that everyone has a right to believe as they wish. OK, certainly they do, but not everyone is free to think, believe and use their brains as they please without massive retaliation, retribution, and consequence. So essentially Islam punishes people for thinking independently. It’s sickening. Religion exists so that we might all think the same. It’s called brain washing.

  • Misinterpretion

    You really MISunderstand everything in the Quran…
    These verses in the article referred to the past era and for a sensible cause, much worthy and meaningful than just ‘infidels’.
    For a start, did you know that these verses approve the ‘violence and killing’ to defend Muslims from the attacks initiated by the ‘infidels’ at that time?
    If you’re interested in the real interpretation,
    visit here:

    • SirWilhelm

      Yes, all those evil infidels that “attacked” Muslims, all the way from Arabia to Tours and Vienna. We know, all those “disbelievers” in all those non-Muslim countries in between, just didn’t know they were really Muslims, until all those followers of Islam convnced them with the sword? Is that what we don’t understand? I guess that weren’t all that thrilled with being ruled by Islam though, at least in Spain they weren’t. It’s strange how the Muslim conquests that created the Muslim Empire back then, seemed to follow those verses, isn’t it? What we don’t understand is, how you have the nerve to claim we don’t understand. Either you don’t understand, or aren’t aware of, the reality of your own history. But then, that’s why you try to re-write history isn’t it? Like you’re doing today by denying the Holocaust? Your “interpretations” are dawa, kitman, and taqiyya, move along.

      • Cutenu2

        Bravo!! Muslims are so afraid to admit to the truth. Yes, they are brainwashed and yet when they smell the stink of their own cult, they deny it, and excuse it.

        • Joshua White

          aaah! But as Johnny Cash (among others) asked:- “What is Truth?”nIt’s a question more fundamental ~ and unanswerable ~ than:- Does God Exist?n….so we make it up as we go along.

      • Joshua White

        EVERY religion rewrites history! No surprise there. The only surprise is the number of morons who believe, uphold and fight for the rewrite. The Idiot Islamists are doing exactly what the christians did (only got started 600 years later) and what tghe jews did before them, one way and another.

        • SirWilhelm

          No, it’s the WINNERS who re-write history, and those that come after them, have no way of knowing the truth, unless they can dig up, i. e. : research what really happened, or some dedicated researcher and author, does it for them. For instance, what I read as a child, about WWII, has changed drastically, in my old age.

          • Joshua White

            We’re saying the same thing. The ‘churches’ that continue to exist are the ‘winners’. (Or, more accurately, a ‘work in progress’.) Among ‘religions’ I include zealous ideologies like, for example’ ‘Democracy’ ~ that religion which commonly tries to bomb, seduce or bribe people into conversion and submission.nThe original Greek inventors of ‘Democracy’ wouldn’t recognise the product today; they’re (the versions ~ and principles ~ of democracy are nearly opposites in principle and practice.

          • SirWilhelm

            No, I don’t believe we are saying the same thing. The churches that exist today, with the exception of Islam, which is an ideology disguised as a religion, are not winners, when you look at their declining numbers of their membership. Democracy does not pretend to be a religion, and is honest about being an ideology. Democracy does not impose itself on anyone, although some supposedly “democratic” governments, try to impose their versions on other countries. The USA, is not a pure democracy. It is a Democratic Republic, and it’s Constitution, with it’s checks and balances, is supposed to protect the rights of minorities, while allowing majority rule, as in a democracy. That is, that is how it used to work, until Leftists finally had their way, and illegaly, through voter fraud, placed a foreign national in the Office of the President, who is implementing their agenda to “fundamentally transform” it into a socialist totalitarian regime. Remember, the Greek inventors of democracy, continued to live under kings, who worked with a senate. until they were conquered by the Roman Republic. If anything, the Romans were more democratic than the Greeks, until they gave way to the imperial rule of emporers. It’s only been since the USA was born, that any form of true democracy, existed, when they won their independence from a king who worked with a parliment, and they felt, still, did not represent their rights.

          • Joshua White

            Every ‘winner’ ends up in the rubbish-bin of history. So let it be with contemporary religions. But that doesn’t alter the fact that they once ruled the known world usually by holding and exercising the power of life and death; and until they wither and die completely (or are metamorphosed/resurrected ~ as is happening to christianity in China even as we speak ~ they continue to be ‘winners’. The witches burnt at the stake don’t worry about the timeline.nnAnd the line between between acknowledged ‘religions’ and asserted ideologies is tenuous at best. The ‘Spirit’ of Democracy/National-socialism/Communism/whatever ALL depend on fallacious (facetious!) claims to superiority of their own particular congregations; and WILL kill in support of those claims. Most often as viciously as possible. Any Crusader should know that! nnAnd the cited varieties of ‘democracy’ are no more than the variety of other religious ‘denominations’. (and doesn’t alter the fact that the Greek version is accepted as the ‘original’ and unrecognisable in the American version ~ though lip-service to the ‘ideal’ of democracy IS the only common ground. Just as is lip-service to the existence of ‘god’….which is the motivation for the endless slaughter throughout the ages……nRealistically speaking Communism was a purer form of this idealistic ‘democracy’ than either the Greek OR the American versions. And more in line with christian principles to boot! ;) nnIn any case, Marx defined democracy as ‘The dictatorship of the proletariat’ ~ and THE challenge (as with ALL religions/ideologies) is to explain how one form of dictatorship is any better ~ or more valid ~ than any other.nnThey ALL depend on the coercion of the individual to obey the compelling force of (always self-styled) ‘authority’. Opposition is not tolerated, obedience is demanded. nnThe very god who supposedly gave us ‘Free Will’ restricted that free will to the parameters instituted by himself; all may be forgiven EXCEPT the denial of the authority of ‘Itself’. (Matt.12:32/Exodus/elsewhere including the Koran).nBut in fact:- u201cFreedom is indivisible”, as Mandela and King, among others at various times, said.nnAnd on that score the Democratic Republic of the US is no different from any other religion/ideology ~ including the most zealous Crusaders of the One True God cutting their way through the Middle East at the moment.nnRabid hyenas don’t behave as disgustingly.

          • Joshua White

            ps. Just for the record:- The Greek version of ‘democracy’ was NOT based on ‘majority rule’. It was based on the rule of the social and political elite.nSlaves, artisans, non-landholders, women ~ for example ~ didn’t get the vote. And ~as always~ the rule was enforced by ‘authority’ backed by fire-power.nYou may have all sorts of privileges ~ even constitutional ones ~ and still be in gaol. The test is whether you can choose NOT to participate without being victimised by sanctions imposed by others.n…. sometimes of the most lavish order.nHow is death by lethal injection any different from death by drive-by?

    • Kal El

      So you are saying that the muslims were attacked IN SPAIN, by the SPANISH? What were the muslim horde doing in Spain? Or the Maghreb? Or Persia?


      Mr. Raghead,

      I kindly inform you that MY message won’t be “misinterpreted” by you or any other follower of the so-called “religion of peace”…it has two barrels and it’s capable of delivering swift death.

      I don’t give a rat’s fart about your stupid, primitive “verses” . You can shove’em up your filthy ass, you jerk.
      ANYONE who dares to convert me to Islam will be converted to a rotten, bullet-riddled corpse floating in a river.

      • Hellosnackbar

        JH I was just about to send a scholarly Imam round to convert you to the religion of peace.

  • muhammad

    lol it is alright for a muslim to lie if it is to make peace

    Volume 3, Book 49, Number 857:
    Narrated Um Kulthum bint Uqba:

    That she heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “He who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar.”

    • SirWilhelm

      The Quran teaches outright that Allah is capable of lying and deceiving people. In fact, one of the titles which the Quran ascribes to Allah is khayru al-makireen, that Allah is “the best deceiver/schemer/conniver” (cf. S. 3:54; 8:30).

      Yes, you follow the Great Deceiver into deception, how quaint. And the ‘peace” you want to bring is domination in His name. What kind of entity brags that He is the Great Deceiver? How can you possibly believe He is good? If Islam is a religion, shouldn’t you be wondering about the nature of who, or what, you’re worshipping? Or, are you happy to be on the side that you think will eventually dominate the world? Because you want to be part of the ruling class? The followers of the Great Deceiver are no better than He is

      • Anonymous

        ALLAH …. Always Lies, Lust And Hate

  • Chris_xc

    This is not misunderstood in anyway, the Muslim religion is pure evil. It is in their faith to slaughter and kill any non believers such as my family and I. You’d better believe that I stand ready every moment in every day to kill any of those people. All Muslims are is evil. Nothing more. Don’t even try to deny that. Why else have my fellow soldiers been captured and publicly beheaded on public television? I will see all you evil peices of shit in hell!

    • Dhomsu


      • Anonymous

        I spoke with a Muslim woman at Walmart the other day (she was working the till). We briefly talked about religion. “I hate mullahs!!” she said. “Mullahs don’t want peace they want war. They teach us to move to your cities to take over. They are liars. I hate Mullahs!” I was stunned. so were the other shoppers. i wonder if she lost her job? the clerk beside her looked pretty annoyed

        • sickofislam

          They want to gain your trust, that’s why she said those things…soon they will copulate their way to vast numbers and then start terrorizing you. Don’t be fooled that is how they got Kashmir. They all and believe me…all of them are insidious. Don’t let them breed if the numbers get out of control, they will attack you then.

          • JesusLovesYou!

            This is sheer ignorance and paranoia. I live in a 100% Muslim village nand I am a follower of Jesus. They treat me and my family like we were nthere own family. How many Muslims have you actually met? You are njudging a Billion people and saying they are all alike? I imagine you naren’t too fond of black people either eh? True the Quran has these nthings in it, but only the fanatics know this. Most Mulsims do not read nthe Quran and hardly ever go to Mosque to hear the Imams preach. Just nlike most Christians do not read their Bibles or go to church much. I nhave been to the Mosque many times. The majority of the preaching is nabout how to eat properly, etc. and not to become defiled. You never nhear infidels mentioned. And no, not just cuz we were there. They are nnot shy about their beliefs. The majority of the Muslims in this world nare moderates. They love their families and want the same things many nwesterners do, a normal life, taking their kids to soccer practice, etc.n You conspiracy junkies are too much! For the record, I absolutely nbelieve those who are terrorist fanatics, threatening the safety of nothers need to be sorted out and quick! But do not blanket a billion npeople with your prejudiced hatred! Many of them are good people, whom nJesus wants to save. If any of you are believers espousing this nnonsense, you should be ashamed of yourself! Jesus was asking Father Godn to forgive the Roman terrorists while they were pounding spikes throughn Him! Then those terrorists came to faith in Him after He gave up His nSpirit. Our weapons are not made with human hands. Get in the real fightn and stop partnering with the devil and this ridiculous fear and nparanoia!

        • Joshua White

          Inded….”"I hate mullahs!!” she said. “nPeople also claim to hate politicians, but continue to (even think it’s a wonderful privilege!) to vote for bastards and have taxes extorted to support them.. nI sometimes think that the larger the brain the more stupid it’s owner. After all, the more stupid the more room required to store the stupidity.nEven cockroaches aren’t as stupid as people are. n(apart from which the have survived ~ and will survive our species by hundreds of millions of years.nn….AND they don’t give a stuff about politics or religion…..let alone mullahs.

  • number9

    I do not know *any* Muslims who are threatening in any way. However, there are extremists in every religion. Haters, however, find fault with certain people, deserved or not, They see not the facts. Both old and new testaments of the Jewish and Christian bibles are wrongly translated from their original words on papyrus and in stone, and are often misquoted out of context as well.

    • Beejj

      There are many just like you: they don’t know any threatening Muslims. Or perhaps I should say didn’t rather than don’t. You see, one moment they were alive and well, going about their daily business, and the next moment they were dead. Just like that.

      I know Islam has no shortage of extremists, but I cannot claim to know of extremists of other religions. Tell us about them and their exploits of terror.

      Tell us, too, about the incorrect translations. If you are bold enough to make such a claim you must have hard evidence to support you. Let’s have it.

      Got all that, number9, or should that be number2?

    • Anonymous

      “Jewish and Christian bibles are wrongly translated from their original words on papyrus and in stone, and are often misquoted out of context as well.”

      Are you a Dead Sea Scrolls Scholar? Care to give us a link to your thesis showing the evidence of the mistranslation from the Dea d Sea Scrolls to today’s modern Bibles?

      No one misquotes or takes the Bible out of context except…kuranimals…who have been numbed to the nuances of parables and metaphors courtesy of the mind numbing sophmoric repetition of mein kuranmpf.

      • steven grossman

        Muslims that do not believe in convert or kill are not truly muslims

      • Joshua White

        Nicely worded. But not valid because you do what you accuse others of:- accuse others of getting it wrong…….based on YOUR version of the ‘correct’ context.nThat’s exactly how wars (particularly ideological ones) get started.

  • Said Panocci 

    islam will rule the world without sword!!!
    & There is no word “Sword” in Holy Book Quran, where as it is mentioned more than two hundred times in Bible
    & please complete all verse 

    • Exmuzzy

      Talk about out of context. Figures. Muslims will stop at nothing to justify the atrocities committed by mohamed and his friends and today’s muslim murderers. What YOU need to do is read your own quran.

      • Joshua White

        All true. But they do no more than to footsteps of judaeo-christianity to justify THEIR brand of barbarity. Today’s jewish claim to Palestine and the butchery of children there harks all the way back to the genocide of the Canaanites which their DYI god decreed ~ specified in THEIR own ‘holy book’. nHow is Moses ~ if he ever actually existed at all ~ any different from Mohammed in principle or practice??

        • Mary

          It’s patently clear you hate Christianity, and seek to excuse islam, not because you’re offended by barbarity, but because you can’t honestly engage in honest debate. Christian scripture does NOT preach hate, murder, rape, torture and slavery. The Old Testament dealt with God’s early Covenants with the Jewish people. The instance in question was specific, it wasn’t a general prescription for dealing with ‘nonbelievers’ . The 10 Commandments state God’s laws that were the inspiration for civil rights laws. Moses, a man who left his privileged life to free his people from slavery at God’s instruction. A God who gives people free will to choose to follow Him or not. Contrast that with the koran, written by a pedophile thief, a bandit named mohammad, who claimed ‘allah’ told him to create a religion that preached rape, theft, torture, slaughter, enslavement, despotism, and to kill all those who choose not to ‘believe’ or who try to leave islam.nnnGod, has the right to render judgment upon evil at any time. The destruction of those wicked people was for the moral preservation of the nation of Israel. The Old Testament makes this clear. When they invaded Canaan, the Hebrews were not to allow their enemies to live u201cthat they teach you not to do after all their abominations, which they have done unto their gods; so would ye sin against Jehovah your Godu201d (Deuteronomy 20:18).nnBut why was this so important? Among other reasons, it was through nthe Hebrew nation that the Messiah was to make His appearance! Thus, the salvation of mankind ultimately was at stake. nnArchaeological discoveries, such as those at Ugarit, have revealed nthe corruptness of the Canaanite nations. For example, in the Canaanite religion ‘El’ was the chief god and Baal was his son. These were u201cgodsu201d who had absolutely no concept of morality.nnIn a poem known as u201cThe Birth of the Gods,u201d El is said to have nseduced two women, and horrible sexual perversions are associated with his name. He married three of his own sisters u2014 who also were married to Baal. He is represented as practicing vile sex acts and influencing others to do likewise. It is little wonder that the evidence indicates that the Canaanites followed their gods in such abominations.nnIn the Canaanite religion, homosexuals and prostitutes were employed to raise money for the support of the temples. It is not an exaggeration to say that these pagans elevated sex to the status of a god [that sounds rather modern, doesnu2019t it?]. Many scholars believe that there are hints of this sordid background in such Old Testament passages as Deuteronomy 23:18-19 u2014 where a prohibition is given against bringing the u201chire of a harlot, or the wages of a dog (a male prostitute; see Harris, et al., 1980, 1:439) into the house of Jehovah.u201dnnThe Canaanite religion was a horribly brutal system as well. For ninstance, the goddess Anath is pictured as killing humans by the nthousands and wading knee-deep in blood. She cut off heads and hands and wore them as ornaments. And in all of this gruesomeness, the Baal-epic says that her liver was swollen with laughter and her joy was great. In this connection it also must be mentioned that the morally depraved Canaanites also sacrificed their own babies to their gods.nnFunerary jars have been found with the bodies of young children ndistorted by suffocation as they struggled for life after having been nburied alive as a sacrifice to Canaanite gods. Such young children have been found in the foundation pillars of Canaanite houses, and sometimes religious ceremonies were associated with their sacrifice (Wilson, 1973,p. 85).nnProfessor Kenneth Kitchen was correct when he remarked that the nu201cCanaanite religion appealed to the bestial and material in human nnatureu201d as evinced by the Ugaritic texts and Egyptian texts of Semitic norigin (see Douglas, 1980, 1:234.)nnDouglas, J. D. 1980. The Illustrated Bible Dictionary. Wheaton, IL: Tyndale.nnHarris, R. L., G. L. Archer, and B. K. Waltke, eds. 1980. Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament Chicago, IL: Moody.nnWilson, Clifford. 1973. That Incredible Book u2014 The Bible. Australia: Word of Truth.

          • Joshua White

            You’re misinformed on many levels, Mary.nn1…”It’s patently clear you hate Christianity, and seek to excuse islam, not because you’re offended by barbarity, but because you can’t honestly engage in honest debate. n—> The only thing in all of creation I hate ~ and hate with an unforgiving passion ~ are bullies.n On that basis I hate what christianity has done over the millennia ~ it’s created more murder and mayhem than judaism and islam combined…particularly if you count the entire civilisations/cultures wiped out by christian ‘colonisation’. And though I detest ‘christianity’ at least as much as islam/judaism/whatever, it’s one saving grace is the character of Jesus himself, real or invented (there’s no actual evidence that he ever existed). Unfortunately I know ~ or know of ~ anybody who actually follows in his footsteps.nDo YOU??nn—> ” The 10 Commandments state God’s laws that were the inspiration for civil rights laws.”…. and immediately he handed them down he (supposedly) instructed Moses to have butchered “more than 3000″ of his own ‘Chosen People’….after which he sent them all off to smash 9 out of ten of the very same commandments in the annihilatation of the Canaanites.n….just to start with. Apart from anything much about Moses, do you? He was a magalomanic, psychotic psychopath…. who obviously created his home-made god in his own image.nIncidentally:- if you cared to do the research you might find that the Exodus wasn’t a matter of escape; the jews were evicted ~ as they are from everywhere sooner or later. The unyielding racist exclusivity annoys people, and they’ve never managed to get on with their neighbours. Can ALL those people throughout the ages have got it wrong?? I doubt it; even in the PC world we’ve built today the vast majority of people detest and resent the jews.nn—-> I challenge you (or anybody else) to point to a single biblical reference suggesting ‘god’ gave anybody n’Free Will’. That’s a nonsense invented by theology to account for the far-from-perfect world one would (and should) expect from an n’Intelligent Designer’. In any case ‘freedom’, definitively, can’t be ‘given’; anything that depends on the goodwill of some other agency ~ and/or has undesired consequences, cannot be said to be ‘free’. I wonder if the christians being eaten by lions, or those bound for Hell, would actually have freely chosen to do so. How about all those people (including children and other animals) who were drowned in the Great Flood? The whole concept of Free Will is a dogmatic nonsense.nn—–> By-and-large judeao-christianity and islam have the same roots, practices and ambitions. Anyone who doesn’t follow (any) god will unfailingly suffer for it ~ in this world or the next.nn—-> What do you say gives god the “right to render judgment upon evil at any time”….other than the ‘right’ borne of might: ie the same ‘right’ isis has to render judgment on what they see as evil ?? Though at least the jewish god has the ‘right’ to judge what is evil…. since he brags that he invented it. Would YOU give a 5-year-old a box of matches and a can of petrol…..and then kill him for burning the house down…… presumably of his own ‘Free Will’, which you’d also given him?nn—-> So the Canaanite nations may or may not have been “corrupt”. According to whom? And what business was it of anyone other than themselves and/or their gods. And as for “…u201cgodsu201d who had absolutely no concept of morality.”, one need look no further than Jehova, who raped his own mother in order to give birth to himself!! (??) (and no ~ Mary wasn’t seduced ~ didn’t ‘consent’ : she was cold-bloodedly TOLD what had been done to her AFTER she was made pregnant. Latest research suggests she was only 9 or 10 years old at the time…… Pretty-much in the same league as Mohammed’s 9-year-old wife, what?nnMore abominations and vile-ness?? How about Eve being created as a sex-object to assuage Adam’s ‘lonliness’, and then (as the only woman on earth) being suxually used by her own sons (presumably while Adam was also still using her for his ~ god-given ~ pleasure) and then enjoying their sisters and daughters etc, etc. Everybody on the ark were blood-relatives, begotten in an incestuous process which still continues today, according to the bible (and particularly the inbred practices of the jews, who’ve always tried to remain racially-pure ‘Chosen People’.nn—-> I presume that “In this connection it also must be mentioned that the morally depraved Canaanites also sacrificed their own babies to their gods.” one is supposed to overlook the report (accepted by all) that the jewish god sacrificed HIS own baby to his god? Even more perverted since he was sacrificing himself to himself. Queer as!!nn—-> Or, ” young children distorted by suffocation as they struggled for life after having been buried alive as a sacrifice to Canaanite gods.” to the JEWISH god during the genocide wreaked upon them? Who’d know??nThere were Gazan babies sacrificed to the jewish god just a few weeks ago. NO doubt some of the suffocated to death after having been buried under buildings blasted down on them by jewish bombs. Almost ritualistically, one might say!nn—-> hehehe:- “u201cCanaanite religion appealed to the bestial and material in human natureu201d. As distinct to the jews do you mean? (or just about any other religion or fanatical ideology for that matter)

    • Butchekins

      You are a messed up individual and I hope that you are beheaded for the things you do and support.n

      • Joshua White

        Of course islam is a threat to ‘The West’; the whole issue is a ‘Turf War’ between gangs ~ and the numbers of individuals counted on a particular piece of Turf determines the power (hence ‘validity’) of the particular Gang. nAt the end of the day it’s the uncomplaining (or actively conditioned) sheeple who allow it all to happen. It’s well past time for a revolution of the masses to eradicate the Gangs. (Sort of like the current ‘war’ on bikie gangs.)nNo Gang (political, religious or football league, etc.) can operate without an inflow of cash; STOP paying taxes and the whole problem will go away.

  • Said Panocci

    But the Messenger and those who believed with him fought with their wealth and their lives. Those will have [all that is] good, and it is those who are the successful.9:88
    And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. 5 And if any one of the polytheists seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he may hear the words of Allah . Then deliver him to his place of safety. That is because they are a people who do not know.9:6

    Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah , so they kill and are killed. [It is] a true promise [binding] upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah ? So rejoice in your transaction which you have contracted. And it is that which is the great attainment. 9:112

    & more …. pleas read the Quran ;)

    • Tonto

      Koran just plain doesn’t matter except as a curiosity put together by a bunch of  filthy savages that were trying to justify their atrocities by idolizing a man that was, in truth, pure evil and an outstanding example of what human filth aspires to be.  The best purpose I can think of for that worthless bundle of writing material is as kindling or toilet paper in a pinch.  The ones with thinner paper make good rolling for cigs in jail,

    • Jackshepherd

      How to Make Sense of Evil, by Rev. Jack Shepherd
        These are my thoughts and struggles with out political correctness. Most would not broche the topic for fear of reprisal.
        Evil, what is it? Is it the thought of a thing? Or is it not agreeing with me? Is it a living thing or living action? Do I have to believe in God for evil to be real? Can there be evil with out a God? Is it one country and its leaders that can be evil? Or is it the peoples of a country? Is evil one religious group and its teachings? Can evil be done once by one person and never again by that person? Can the teachings of one person, like Hitler be considered an evil?
         Some people just place blame out there and out of their control. We do this because it’s easy and it leaves us off the hook of responsibility. In religions and politics most of us think and act according to how we are raised. This means my views are that of parents and grandparents and the community I grew up in unless I have given it great consideration. I have given considerations to why I think way I do. We all should.
         Some duck out of responsibility by not claiming and defining their party or God. This allows one to suggest others have not thought their viewpoints through and others are labeled ignorant or biased and sometimes as racist.
        A few of my friends think my views are skewed or biased against Muslims. They are right, but am I justified in my thoughts? If and only if I claim to be a Christian I must be aware of the atrocities committed by certain christians and denounce them forthright. Those who bomb abortion clinics come to mind. For as much wrong done in the name of Christ or God over the centuries there is no excuse.   
        Scholars and men and women of all faiths have and continue to struggle with these questions of evil.  Philosophers from the beginning of civilized man have attempted to answer these same questions.
        The short answer or narrow-minded easy answer would be yes to all of the above questions. Jack, that’s me, believes in a Christian God and Christ as the Son of God and heaven as well as hell. I also believe in Demons and Angels. Am I right? Only death will tell. I also believe the sun will rise tomorrow and only tomorrow can prove me right or wrong. Some find Christianity an evil in its self. Does this make it so?
        How then should I conduct my self until tomorrow or until my death, becomes the question. For me, certain things will always be evil. Governments and its so called leaders that abuse their powers for self gain is an evil perpetrated on its people at the expense of its people. We can see this in the USA and other countries. Any organization that claims a set of ideas that the rest of the world has to accept or be taken over is an act evil in my opinion. Again I would say look at Hitler in the past or Koney in the present day.
        History has many examples of this. Including world leaders believing they were minor gods incarnate. Over the course of man’s time, religions and philosophies have come and gone and empires have risen and fallen.
        Cave men had ideas of good and evil. Today we can see aboriginal peoples around the world still practice many odd things. Does this make them backwards and out of touch with today’s thinking? Not to them.
         I believe Islam has teachings  which can be seen as an evil. Why? Not because they do not see Christ as I see him and yes I have read the Quran I know some spell it “Koran”. I also know it dates back to about 565 AD and parallels many religions. We can see parts of Christianity in the Quran. Also the teachings of Buddha parallel many religions. This example only names a few. This is true of many religions; I have counted 109 references to the death of the infidels in the Quran and for this and the inhumane treatment of women through Shari law practiced today I personally see this as an evil perpetrated in the name of deity. These examples can be easily found on the Internet. I know some of these 109 examples have to be out of context. Yet some are not in my opinion.
         Any conqueror will set conditions for assimilations or death, Islam is not alone in this practice. We did it in USA with the genocide to American Native Indians and it was and continues to be an evil in my opinion.
         So with the regards to Muslims, am I right? Or is it Islam I have a problem with. That for me is still up for debate to some degree. If and only if I know a thing to be wrong I personally have to stand and say so. However if that carried a death mark to me would I do it? From what I know at this time about Islam I would call Islam an opportunist for evil and not it’s people or Muslims as a whole.                                    
         Some would say the old testament of the Christian religion has it’s begging in Samarian four thousands years before Christ and Christianity is replicated in Islam and other religions. So, how then if an Atheist commits an act of horror and killing is that seen?
       A friend pointed out for me to claim all Muslims to be evil was an immature view and he was right. He stated and I quote in part, “ I would have to consider all homeless lazy” if I were to lump all Muslims into one group. 
        My answer, for me, is if and only if you partake of thing that has the potential for world dominance and the death of those who do not think as you do, then yes that is an evil.  If and only if you as an individual stand ideally by and do nothing when one person or one group commits atrocities towards others then that also is a form of evil to me.
       How do I live with this then? I think one must be willing to be challenged on their beliefs. I also believe for me, I must be actively involved by writing and discussing my ideologies with others and with those who do not believe as I do. I believe in supporting the community I live in and to get know what aide is available for the poor and homeless as well as to know the topics and political concerns and candidates in my local, state and federal campaigns and vote accordingly. I may indeed feel called to run for an office one day and if I do give it the full measure of my weight.
        My summation of evil for me is easy. I question all Muslims yet treat them with the dignity and respect they and everyone should be treated with. I disagree with Islam for three reasons. One, it does not see Christ as I do, and two; their treatment of women is inhumane to me. The third is I will never accept Shari law as just or humane.
        So, I practice this, if I know of a wrong I attempt to correct it. If I see a crime in progress I report it. If I think one group is attempting to take over the world, I should say so.  One must put something into a thing to get something out of thing.
         Yet this I practice daily. Harm no one unless it is utterly unavoidable. Trample on nothing and treat everyone and everything with dignity and respect. Maim and kill only as the very last response. Stand and be counted or be forever silent.    
       Send your questions or comments to P.O. BOX 908, Kingman, AZ. 86402

      • Joshua White

        Without ‘evil’ we have no need of gods. That’s why ‘He’ invented it. eg.:- In Isaiah 45, God says “I make peace, and create evil”.n(Note that no other living organism has a need of gods, and are thereby ‘incapable’ of ‘evil’.)

        • Andy Hartsock

          You are having trouble using your brain, so let me help you out. nnThere is no “evil”, there is only a lack of good. God gave mankind free will because He didn’t want mindless slaves and was pretty sure we would appreciate that, but the downside is that we have the choice to lack good will. nnBesides, by what moral standard are you deviating from that you think something is evil if you are an atheist? Last I checked, it is just nature and “evil” in your eyes is just you complaining that you don’t like nature.

          • Joshua White

            As an atheist, that’s MY line:- “There is no “evil”,n and the same thing applies to “good” ~ for the same reason.. nBut you DO realise that in asserting that, you undermine the very basis of Judeao-christianity……..AND the word of god himself (Isaiah/elsewhere).n(And quite delighted Satan, the retailer of god’s wholesale product!)nnPersonally, I see no need for ‘evil’ to exist ~ and no sign that it does.nBut I speak about fairies when I’m telling the grandkids stories they enjoy; and I don’t see any sign of their existence either. (Fairies; I CAN prove the grandkids exist….and god had nothing to do with it. ;) nnYou really say nothing that isn’t just regurgitated shit you’ve been swallowing, without a brain to filter it. . I’d heard and discarded all those stupid stop-gap assertions by the age of about 20.nnIt’s clearly evident that you’ve never had an original thought in your life: a perfect godbotherer! Contentedly conditioned.nnIf you had you’d know that ‘god’ NOWHERE offers or grants Free Will. It’s an invention theology needs to absolve god from the existence of ‘Evil’, even though he unambiguously ~ even proudly ~ claims responsibility for it.

          • Andy Hartsock

            what a surprise, you claim there is no good or evil and then you claim God is evil. Hypocrite much? Also, good job taking parts of the Bible to suit your own needs of spit and hate and not using the whole thing.nnAnd, as long as we are on the subject of God (hypothetical for you), if you hypothetically are believing there is God for this discussion, then why would you possibly think your morals, as a mere 3-dimensional being are better than His? Answer that any way you see fit, since you claim there are no morals and then you claim God is evil. You are really confusing me here with your backtracking and redactions.

          • Joshua White

            You’re easily confused, Andy.nI don’t claim ‘god is evil’. nHypothetically speaking, I claim god is RESPONSIBLE for evil; mainly because he himself says he is.n….and the further claim is that he alone invented Satan ~ to serve as the retail outlet for the evil god produces.nBut interpretation matters. Have you heard about the demon who accidedntly had his tail chopped off?n……and went down to the local pub because he’d heard they retailed spirits??n;)nnIncidentally, for a god who “didn’t want mindless slaves” (where does he say THAT??)he surely created a lot of them, didn’t he? lol

          • Andy Hartsock

            If you had read the Bible (which you haven’t), you would know that Satan doesn’t do evil, he provides temptation to turn away from good because God doesn’t want mindless zombies following Him and His ways. If you would rather be a mindless zombie that can’t think for himself (which you are already), let me know. It is no one’s fault but your own that you don’t appreciate good will.

          • Joshua White

            hmmm. “because God doesn’t want mindless zombies following Him and His ways.”nSince you’re the fwit who insists upon specifics, would your well-read self give us the charter and verse where god supposedly makes this absurd statement?nAll the actual evidence (and you’re a good example of this) is that ‘god’ demands his followers be “mindless zombies”. nOne piece of evidence to this effect is that god issues orders ~ he does NOT offer options. Mindless zombie-like obedience is the very cornerstone of religion.

          • Joshua White
        • Andy Hartsock

          I bet you are too much of a coward to go see some ACTUAL science and fact.nn

    • Anonymous

      It’s a book of hate. i think i’ll pass

  • Anon

    All of them are taken out of context. They are all referring to situations where the “disbelievers” are in aggression toward the Muslims, if you bother to look any of the quotes up in 2 seconds in a English translation on t’internet.

    Try looking at quotes that say otherwise. The whole of chapter 109. Chapter 88 verses 21-22. Chapter 2 verse 256.There’s plenty of others as well.

    • Martus

      Regardless of the context, Muhammad is setting a precedent that killing in the name of Islam is permitted.

      • Joshua White

        ALL religion advocates killing to further it’s ‘message’. Why do you think Jesus HAD to have himself crucified?

        • Andy Hartsock

          Yeah, that’s 100% false. Nice try though kiddo. Buddhists don’t do it, Christians don’t do it, and many others. You know that it is a sin to even DEFEND YOURSELF from an evil person in Christianity, right?nnStop acting like a special ed. kid and get a life.

          • Joshua White

            er…..Buddhism ISN’T a religion, and of course christians advocate death to get their message across. ‘Death on across’ (sic) is the very basis of christianity, as is the declaration of Armageddon, and as also is the promise of eternal death (in hell) among many other examples. Christianity, along with every other religion is a death cult ~ because they can’t offer much while people are still alive to call them liars.

          • Andy Hartsock

            Lol you have obviously never read the Bible have you. Tell me how you came to the conclusion that we advocate death on a cross. I will wait. Try using some evidence or facts and stop making ridiculous, baseless claims.nnTell me where, in the end days prophecies, it says that Christians need to kill in armageddon too. This should be good, rofl.

          • Joshua White

            You really are a dill, aren’t you? You clearly cannot read what is written ~ either by me OR in the gospels. nAnd whether you’ve ‘read’ the bible or not, you obviously don’t have a clue about what it says.nThe whole point of Jesus’ arrival was his death ~ without it there could be no ‘christianity’. (Though according to the so-called prophecies he was supposed to be stoned to death ……..another bit of sleight-of-hand ‘re-interpretation.)nn —> (Matthew 20:28).n He came to give his life, to die, and his death would result in nsalvation for others. This was the reason he came to earth. His blood nwas poured out for others. n—-> Jesus knew that he must die, because the Scriptures said so. u201cWhy then nis it written that the Son of Man must suffer much and be rejected?u201d (Mark 9:12; 9:31; 10:33-34).n u201cBeginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what nwas said in all the Scriptures concerning himselfu2026. u2018This is what is nwritten: netcetcetc.n—->and he couldn’t even avoid his iconic execution when he wanted to: “It all happened according to Godu2019s plan: Herod and Pilate did only what God u201chad decided beforehand should happenu201d (Acts 4:28).n In the Garden of Gethsemane, as Jesus knew that he would soon be ncrucified, Jesus asked his Father if there might be some other way, but nthere was none (Luke 22:42). His death was necessary for our salvation.nnAs stated, christianity ~ along with every other religion, is a death cult.nnBut I don’t think I’ll bother with your ignorance and superstition any more; Paul was right:- “(2 Corinthians 11:19)

          • Butchekins

            How desperate can you be? Rofl. What part of the Bible says it is OK to kill each other? That’s like saying: Oh, atheism is a death cult because every single government in history that has been atheist/materialist has murdered millions. Oh wait, it IS a death cult.nnYou don’t even understand what Jesus’ death meant you… You are just a troll, lol. I’m sorry, but someone who takes Jesus’ death and then says Christianity is a death cult. I just have to LOL really hard.nnI noticed you didn’t reply to my stuff after you made the comment (with the video) about mindless zombies. You afraid?

    • Butchekins

      Ok, apparently you are misinformed about your own prophet. your prophet tells you to NOT interpret them different, but take them literally. Please watch this video. It isn’t “anti-Muslim” but quoting from Muhammad and his followers directly, telling you that you are to take these texts as literal. read your own book. You have been lied to.

      • Joshua White

        But the same thing applies to ALL religions: people have an instinct to correct (reinterpret-in-context) what doesn’t suit THEM at any given time.nAnd in doing so every single one of them asserts that the gods (take your pick on brand-name) don’t have a good-enough grasp of language or brains to say what they mean to say.nThat alone shoots down any claim to the existence of gods anyway. Who needs a god that has to have his pontifications corrected by human beings ~ and usually the most ignorant human beings at that?

        • Andy Hartsock

          Yeah, that’s not it at all man. With Christianity, even the most ignorant people understand what to do. I know countless people with Down’s Syndrome, with the education of a 3rd grader, etc, even children that understand God’s message. Love God, God loves you, and love everyone as you love yourself. I know toddlers that understand this message. How can you even begin to say what you said. Every single lesson taught in the Bible can be understood through love. I welcome you to give me an example of a lesson that can’t be.nnYou are talking about people that don’t WANT to hear the Word or the people that seek sin in place of God. Those or the people that twist the words to suit their own needs. Again, I welcome you to give me an example of something that can be misinterpreted. If and when you post those examples, I will show you how simple it is to understand them when you have love in your heart.nnIf you won’t provide examples then I am going on the assumption that you don’t actually WANT to know the lessons taught and are here to troll. I don’t want that to be true, but I find that is the goal of MOST people without God.nnHere is something else you will find interesting.

          • Joshua White

            Y’make my point, Andy ~ in offering to explain to me what various parts of the bible mean! What makes your opinion any more valid than mine?nIt’s those who don’t accept ~ and challenge ~ the contemporary/conventional view who actually do the study and unearth the fallacies, errors and inconsistencies. ‘Believers’ ~ by definition ~ don’t do so, as you yourself demonstrate. They accept the views of their favourite ‘expert’. There are even those who prefer to cite what purports to be the ‘teaching of Jesus’ in defiance of ‘The Word of God’.nn Unfortunately I don’t have time to list the THOUSANDS of examples of rewrites and contradictions, but you COULD start be reading any of Paul’s missives (the foreskin controversy is a good example!) and, ages later, compare the meaning-perverting differences between, say, the KJV and the various rewrites of the NIV. ……and keep in mind that BOTH versions spring from very ‘lost in translation’ Greek versions ~ none of which necessarily reflect what was conveyed in the original scripts.nn……meanwhile, you may consider the undisputed fact that all modern versions of the ‘Gospels’ are based on the politics (and voting procedures) of the First Council of Nicea which was an exercise in gaining protection and support of the Roman Empire. As you no doubt know, aspiring power-grabbing politicians will say ANYTHING. The jewish god is a good example of that! You know…. the one who NEVER advocated any requirement for that much later religious perversion called ‘marriage. ;) (and hence negates the whole NT thing about adultery and dirty thoughts!)nnI really must go; but if you’re actually interested in having some of the contradictions and other idiocies laid out for you I suggest you begin withnThomas Paine’s ‘The Age of Reason’…which you’ve obviously never read.n(Probably because the bigots of (current) ‘conventionality’ don’t accept the FACTS he brings to light because they don’t fit in with their own varied ‘interpretations’ or revelations.n….but for god’s sake don’t get me started on Revelations! (Particularly in comparison to Deuteronomy ~ and most particularly in re. chapter 13 in both books as well as chapter 7 in both books!nnIf I can find my way back to this thread when I have some time I’ll look forward to reading your (learnt, in the Pavlovian sense) responses.nnps I don’t ‘do’ Facebook, etc. My IQ is greater than my hat-size.

          • Andy Hartsock

            btw, I stopped reading after the first couple sentences. ” I’m not gonna give you an example of things that could be taken differently because I know I’m wrong”nnThe bible isn’t “interpreted” different ways. The lessons are all the same. It is the application that varies. nnFurthermore, I’m pretty sure you are just a troll because you make all these claims and crap but you don’t back ANY of them up. nnAnd no, the Gospels aren’t based on the council of Nicea. We have all the original aramaic texts from 150-300 AD (and don’t get started on the whole ‘oh, well hurr, that’s too long and it could be made up’… no, it took that long to gather all the texts and put them all together)nnYou are either some teenager who thinks he knows everything and doesn’t think for himself (because you are providing crap that has been refuted absolutely already MULTIPLE THOUSANDS of times by ALL the worlds’ experts), or you are just not wanting to know the truth and you are just spouting off whatever you feel went wrong because you yourself haven’t researched it.nnWhen you decide to provide substance and evidence like we do in the adult world instead of opinions and mockery like a child would do, let me know. nnFor example, I bet you think the dark ages was because of religious crap don’t you? In fact, it is already hard fact that 7% of ALL WARS fought between 800AD and 1600AD were religious in nature. The Inquisition was a sin, so using that as an example is ridiculous because we Christians condemn the inquisition too. And all the deaths and torture were due to disease, something known as “the little ice age”, and political strife.nnI bet you also think religion held back society and inventions and the sort don’t you? In fact, 68% of all the greatest scientific minds in the history of western civilization were Christian and the rest of 98% were , AT THE LEAST, agnostic.nnThere is a reason that 87% of all the most intelligent scientists, biologists, etc. are agnostic at least, and 62% are Christian. There is also a reason that the number of atheists are only about 12-15% and that number is shrinking. In fact, the number of people converting from atheism to (at the least) agnosticism is increasing by CONSIDERABLE margins, almost on a MONTHLY basis now. The number of religious folk converting to atheism: miniscule in comparison. It is almost non-existent.nnWhen you actually go to college and learn something, when you actually do some research on your own and take in ALL perspectives before making your decision, and when you investigate before you condemn instead of condemning what you don’t even know or don’t understand, THEN I will CONSIDER starting this back up again.nnYou are a lone man on a remote island with water for a thousand miles in all directions with no way off and you have never known anything else, and yet you would have the gall to say “I’m the only man on earth, and that’s a fact”. LOL. That is, I think, the simplest way I can put it comparing you, a mere 3-dimensional being, on a single planet, in an infinite universe, with almost no life experience say FOR SURE there is no God.nnGet over yourself. Have a good one.

          • Joshua White

            You prattle a lot and say nothing useful Andy: the sign of hysteria.n….and do try to read what’s written ~ not what you THINK is written.nI didn’t say the gospels ‘were based on Nicea’ ( a clause that doesn’t even make sense). I said they were based ON THE POLITICS of the Nicean Council:- a self-appointed ‘authority who took it upon themselves to decide what was ‘true’ and what wasn’t. (an ‘authority, I might add, which was extremely ignorant of just about everything ~ including the fact that the earth was a sphere.) And they discarded much more than they accepted ~ known as apocrypha and gnostic gospels ~ motivated purely by a desire to influence Constantine and gain his protection/patronage.nnI’m not a child ~ as you seem to be; I’m a man who for decades has been looking at the whole subject, and have discussed/debated such issues with experts both religious and otherwise. But I probably began to question the bullshit when I personally heard Billy Graham (in Melbourne, 1959) insist god had assured him we’d all be driving around in golden cadillacs when we drove down the gold-paved streets of heaven lunch with god.nnThe bottom line is that if you have faith, facts are irrelevant.n….and vice versa. And they’re mutually exclusive; you can’t have both.nnComfortable though faith might be, there’s not a SINGLE FACT that proves the existence of either god or his kid. All the rest is waffle.nGet used to it.nnps…oh! and do try to avoid spouting meaningless twaddle like:- “n”87% of all the most intelligent scientists,”. …Try naming them ~ and you’ll be asked how their “most intelligent” status is measured and defined.nnMoreover, ‘truth’ is not measured by the number of its adherents.n (‘ the number of atheists are only about 12-15%”). In reality, the opposite is usually the case. eg. The top 2% of the most intelligent people on earth only number TWO PERCENT of the population; 98% of people have either average or below-average intelligence, as such things are measured.nn….and finally, you should never forget that christians numbered a mere 0.00000000000000001 percent of the population ~ in 30 AD.nWhy, even that public pest Jesus wasn’t one. (Probably had too many brains!)

          • Andy Hartsock

            Lol, a public pest? I thought you said He didn’t exist or didn’t do the things He did. So you DO believe he existed, you just refuse things.nnAnd no, the top 2% is religious. and it is the top 87% for the most part that is the religious and the bottom 12% or so that is atheist. Try doing some research on your own for a change so I don’t have to hold your hand.nnLol, you don’t wanna listen to truth, logic, or reason, you just wanna make baseless claims and mock what you claim you don’t believe in. nnbtw, I’m not gonna name all the scientists who are religious in some way and hold your hand like a baby. To name a few: Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Hawking, Einstein.nnAnd here you go, since you wanna sound ridiculous, try taking physics 101 you spiteful teenager, then come back and talk. (hint: order cannot come from randomness and chaos)nnNice try though.nn

          • Joshua White

            Incidentally –> “We have all the original aramaic texts from 150-300 AD” neatly confirms the FACT that we have NONE of the original gospels.nThey were written by anonymous authors no earlier than 80 years (and up to 180 years) after the (alleged) fact.n…and have you never wondered why the Essenes ~ that fanatical religious sect responsible for the Dead Sea Scrolls, and who were impatiently waiting and watching for the messiah to arrive, never made a single mention of this jewish troublemaker ~ and alleged messiah ~ wandering around doing miracles and getting resurrected, and generally fulfilling the prophecy …….even though they were right on the spot at the exact time the ‘gospel events’ supposedly occurred.

          • Andy Hartsock

            actually, we have tons of non-Biblical evidence that supports Jesus and what happened to Him/what He did, even non-Biblical evidence that was against him.nnAnd let me guess, you didn’t use your brain again, so I will have to hold your hand some more.nA lot of material happened when Jesus was around. It took a long time to gather everything and make sure it was put together the way God wanted it. This is simple reason and logic and is no different than you claiming “oh, it wasn’t put together officially at the same time, so that must mean it wasn’t written at the same time”nnbtw. do you have any proof that the Bible can be interpreted differently so I can prove you wrong very simply?

          • Andy Hartsock

            And btw, I was basically an atheist before I was Christian. I have studied this type of thing (all the so-called ‘contradictions’ and ‘inconcistencies’ in religious literature, the evidence for each, the comparisons of religious figures to other figures) for the MAJORITY of my life as my MAIN focus.nnOh yeah, I bet you are one of those people that still take the ol’ “well Jesus is just like a ton of other historical/mythical figures in history”… No, not even close. The FEW people that claimed that had no idea what they were talking about and that was over 2 decades ago. If you still claim that type of thing, you are a laughing-stock in the scientific, historical, and archaeological community. The only reason it pervades still to this day is because people get to a point when they are 12-24/25 years old where they have just started school or just finished college with BASIC history classes and TONS of peer pressure and brainwashing and people decide they suddenly know everything. That along with the whole “I’m so much better than you because I’m young and important and that doesn’t interest me/I don’t think it’s relevant to me” and so they decide “hey, I’ll just let all the others do the research FOR me.

          • Joshua White

            …..and this:- n”I have studied this type of thing (all the so-called ‘contradictions’ nand ‘inconcistencies’ in religious literature, the evidence for each, nthe comparisons of religious figures to other figures) for the MAJORITY nof my life as my MAIN focus.”n….. does little except provoke sympathy for the the small and slow brain you seem to have been stuck with.nAfter all, if ~ as you say ~ little children and those with Down Syndrome can grasp the biblical message by the age of three, how thick would one be if they had to devote the “MAJORITY” of their life (as their “MAIN” endeavour) to understanding it? n(Probably ignorant enough to have such a small grasp of English that they make such grammatically-incorrect statements.)

          • Andy Hartsock

            rofl, all I read from you was ad hominem and opinion. I have not seen anything to substantiate your claims or anything to refute me other than you attacking me or God.nnAnd yes, there is good. We, as Christians, have a moral standard from which to deviate. If you truly believe there is no good or evil, are you a murderer or pedophile or something at heart since you see nothing wrong with it? This is an honest question.

          • Joshua White

            And an honest answer ~ though necessarily brief.n1… EVERYBODY is atheist “before they become christian”. Atheism is the default position for the existence of every living thing.n2…. MY “opinions” ARE my opinions, formed from study, experience and evidence ~ and may on occasion be incorrect ~ unlike the opinions of godbotherers of any breed who tout the opinions of others which they’ve adopted in preference to the “default position” in which they’re born (one might even say “Intelligently Designed”–> ‘atheism’. nI note that ~ for all the variations and versions of the approximately FIFTY THOUSAND religions,denominations, sects, etc.currently existing (ALL claiming to tout THE true word of the one true god) Adam and his playmate were NOT imbued nor instructed to recognise ~ let alone worship ~ ‘god’…..who didn’t, in fact, even identify himself. ie. They were created ~ and remained ~ atheist.nn3……People are also and obviously capable of being perverted from the Natural default position by way of (among many others) so-called ‘morals’. eg. ‘Marriage’ was NOT part of the ‘Intelligent Design’; god himself created Eve as a ‘helpmeat’ (sic) specifically to alleviate Adam’s lonliness (as he’d done for every other creature), ‘gave’ her to Adam and told them to get on with producing offspring…. exactly as he had for every other living thing ~ including the grasses and trees, etc. (none of which are required to get married either!).n NOTE also that NONE of them were given instructions about how to do so; nnor needed such instructions, any more than they needed to question any other (default-position) condition of their existence.nAll this, of course, occurred before it became politically-expedient to invent ‘morals’.nAnd gods.nnBut somewhere, much later along the line, the scribes and politicians decreed: Marriage is ‘good’; and in order that people may know what ‘good’ is, we decree that fornication is ‘bad’…..and hence set in train the groundwork for much of mankind’s misery. (In more ways than one, if you consider ‘feminism’ and the legitimization of homosexuality, etc. etc.)nOne ‘prophet of god’ decreed a man could have only one ‘wife’ ; another said HIS god had ‘revealed’ to him a man could have several wives; and yet another ‘prophet’ decreed that The One True God said man could have as many wives as he needed AND, if required a few hundred concubines as well. etc. etc. ad infinitum ad nauseam.nnThus ~ in one small example among many thousands ~ we see the foundations fornthe current (and historically endless) slaughter carried out in the name of ‘god’s’ morality:- up to and including the current predations of ISIS and the counter-slaughter by the USAF, among others.nnMeanwhile, the ‘Real One true God Of All The Universes’ sits up on his cloud, shaking his head in disbelief and wondering where the hell he went wrong.n…. and what the devil this ‘marriage’ thing was anyway. Wondering why He Himself had never found a need for it.nnThe point is that ‘morality’ is a moveable feast….and that if you have enough chutzpah you can not only ‘morally’ disregard the marriage thing but also justify the rape of virgins: as He Himself did when he got Mary up the duff without her knowledge, let alone her consent.nMind you, He was following in the footsteps of that other great moralist, Moses.n….who in turn was following the example set by god Himself in Genesis.nnYou remember Moses, don’t you? He’s the one who brought us the (basic moralistic) Ten Commandments ~ which number varies depending on which version of the ‘Holy Word’ you read ~ and then set about smashing every one of them forthwith. (and more)n….because, he claims, God told him to!nnFair dinkum!!nnBut wait! There’s more!….when I get a month to spare.

          • Andy Hartsock

            lol I didn’t even read what you wrote because it is obvious from your comments that you have never read the Bible, never done your own research on the possibility of God, and that you just follow atheist shills as blindly as any other religious person that you condemn.nnYou wanna provide proof for anything you claim? (like Moses or anything at all) or are you just gonna sit there and spew nonsense that you can’t substantiate?

          • Joshua White

            There’s not a scrap of actual evidence that ‘Moses’ existed either. (especially since he buried himself after he died in a never-discovered place. (Deuteronomy)nThe books attributed to him, the evidence shows, were actually written by Hymie Lebbowitz, who used ‘Moses’ as a nom-de-plume.nnIncidentally, your whining drivel that I don’t provide references are nonsense. Though I notice YOU never provide a source for your rabid ranting. Why is that?

          • Joshua White

            You really are a drooling idiot, aren’t you Andy?nOnly one of them would make such a stupid comment:- “lol I didn’t even read what you wrote because it is obvious from your comments that….”nnHow can ANYthing be ‘obvious from my comments if you “didn’t even read” those comments.nnGet hold of a dictionary and look up ‘moron’.

          • Andy Hartsock

            facebook to keep in touch with old friends belies intelligence now? man, you are gonna have to explain that logic.nnbtw, use specific scripture, not just general. I’m not seeing what you are talking about.nnJust name 1 or 2. That’s all I’m asking. Cause otherwise, you basically can’t.

          • Joshua White

            Not that it bothers me, but facebook is a vehicle for morons ~ as the fact that you use it clearly demonstrates. I wouldn’t go near it in case I caught some nasty brain-disease.nOther than that it’s fine!

        • Butchekins

          What part of the Bible has to be corrected? There is no part of the Bible that can be misinterpreted. If you believe otherwise, then give me an example.

          • Joshua White

            Hi.nI just wrote a long response to your question, and it seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. Don’t have the time to do it again, but will try to get to it over the weekend, because it IS a question fundamental to christianity ~ and most other things in life, too.nThink: ‘Chinese Whispers’.

          • Butchekins

            Lol, sorry man, it has been obvious throughout this whole thing that you are just a troll that is finding every little excuse possible to dismiss Christianity. You cherry-pick Bible verses to suit your own needs, you make outrageous interpretations of things that are not supposed to be re-interpreted, you are refusing to respond to the comments I make about atheism being ridiculous, contradictory, and the equivalent of a cult. I mean, you have to be intelligent enough to ask yourself at some point: “why would this guy listen to me any further when all I have done is end up resorting to ad hominem (like 2 replies ago) and lying to him instead of addressing the issues?” You even go around to almost every other comment under the son to spread your propaganda and deception. It’s kinda sad…nnHey, by the way, ad hominem means you lose kiddo. Get over your personal vendetta and start thinking for yourself. Besides, you act like death is a bad thing somehow when atheism teaches there are no good or bad things, just things. (another example of your hypocrisy, congrats)nn obviously can’t think for yourself… either that, or you are jealous/afraid of the truth. Why don’t you go to and try to refute even a single thing. Just 1n

  • Howard Bradley Thurston

    2 funny. All this visual chatter about books of fiction. Oprah would b proud though. If there is a god no one has figured it out yet. Waste your time. Peace I’m out. Hahaha

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    Where is the part about the 66 virgins?

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    Take the Qaran in both hands , Take a deep breath and raise it and shove it up your ass

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    Is there any posts on ” How to kill a Muslim”?

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    Can someone please provide me with verses/texts in the Quran that states anything positive to fellow man? I can only find verses that preach killing and punishment/pain, and nothing about harmony, tolerance or the like.