News Out of Iraq: Don't Believe Anything From the AP

by admin on December 3, 2006 · 0 comments

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We brought a whiff of this saga to you with the post about the L.A. Times last week. Apparently the poison goes even deeper:

Via Patterico:

Here’s the short version: an “Iraqi Police Captain” whom the AP has been quoting for months — is not, in fact, with the Iraqi Police or the Ministry of the Interior.

Which means he may well be an insurgent posing as a police officer.

Allah at Hot Air calling this a “bombshell”, and I have to agree. Its causing a storm of response from bloggers (links are all at Hot Air’s site), and worth your time to go check it out.

Now, there’s something of a stare down between the AP and Centcom (the military’s Central Command), as AP is standing by their man, and Centcom is demanding a retraction. Check back to Patterico for updates.

More here.
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