Outrage! Muslim women required to lift veils at airports.

by Infidelesto on December 25, 2006 · 5 comments

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I expect a few churches to be burned over this one…and maybe a few embassies attacked as well.

VEILED women will be forced to reveal their identities at UK airports under a government plan to tighten security, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

Home Office insiders last night confirmed that immigration officials will be ordered to impose their legal right to lift the veils of passengers after it emerged a suspected police killer may have escaped the UK dressed as a Muslim woman.

But the plan has been attacked by unions, which claim it would impose intolerable demands on their members, particularly female officers who would be the only ones allowed to look under veils.

Ministers have been forced on to the back foot in the past week after it was revealed that asylum seeker Mustaf Jama, wanted for the murder of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky, flew from Heathrow to Somalia using his sister’s passport. He is believed to have been wearing a niqab, which has just a slit for eyes.

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  • Sistainfidel

    And the niqab complimented their eyes just so…what a shame.

  • Ammaarah786

    astufirrallah u can’t muslim woman and girls to remove their naqabs it’s harram
    u guys- the publisher  should have some shame and so should  Mustaf Jama for being  muslim and murdering a person muslims don’t flepping go and kill people i am ashamed of Mustaf Jam . Have some ayyah at least .  

  • Lshalimard

    Letting muslims in a civilized country , is like letting a rabid dog in your home. Stupid.

  • muslimkiller

    ohh my god don’t make the muslims angry , whatever you do…….fuck them .nthis is england and not pakistan koran morons.

  • Tom P.

    Muslims are stupid, undereducated, and they have no respect for human rights, period. I used to argue about it, and support them primarily due to the Palestinian issue. But after all these years, I just had enough of their stupidity. They deserve their fate.