Russia and Syria, Sitting in a Tree…

by admin on December 20, 2006 · 0 comments

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Russian president Putin met with Syrian president Al-Assad to discuss issues that they have no business discussing:

Following a summit at the Kremlin with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad told a press conference that the meeting had been successful and constructive. He stressed Syria’s support for the Iraqi National Accord, Iraqi unity, and an Iraqi national conference that would resolve all disagreements among Iraqis.

He said that such a conference would require Iraqi dialogue with no foreign intervention, but with regional and international support. He also underlined his country’s support for any Lebanese consensus, and also reiterated Syria’s backing for the formation of a Palestinian national unity government. He added that Russia seeks a greater role in solving the Middle East’s problems, saying, “When we talk about Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon, the final objective is to create stability… We agreed on this point.”

Once again, Putin is looking to puff out his chest and brandish his belt buckle, but he and Assad didn’t get the memo that WE are in charge of things in Iraq right now, not them. By “no foreign intervention”, they imply we should just leave so they can all have their way with the region. And by “have their way”, I mean demolish Israel and the young democracy in Iraq.

He added that Russia-Syria economic ties had developed greatly.

In other words, Putin promised Assad loads of money. Thanks buddy, hope you can sleep at night. How do all your poverty-stricken citizens feel about you using millions of dollars to fund terrorism?
All these senators (John Kerry, I’m looking at YOU) and leaders of other countries who are meeting with the enemy with no mandate from our Commander-in-Chief, or even any right to assume they have any say in the Iraq matter, are just solidifying their place on the other side of the line that has been drawn in the sand. “If you aren’t with me, you are against me”.


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