Back From Baghdad

by admin on January 17, 2007 · 2 comments

Do you like this story?

Many bloggers are linking this today, but that’s because its a must watch, must read story.  Michelle Malkin and her colleague Bryan from Hot Air are back from Baghdad, and writing up a storm.  As they post about their trip, their revelations, and their meetings, we will have them for you here. We are thankful for the risks they took to bring back the REAL news from Iraq.

First up, here’s Michelles Vent posted today.
Also, here is Michelle’s column from Townhall, and Bryan’s post from today.  Keep in the loop on this one, we’re sure to see a lot more where this came from.

An excerpt from Michelle’s column:

There’s nothing glamorous or romantic about these missions. No one will make a movie about our men and women in uniform engaged in the tedious, painstaking business of moving Iraq toward stability and governability. But if the war is to be won — if security is to be established and the foundations of a civil society bolstered — this is ground zero. The troops I met ask only three things of their fellow Americans back home: time, patience and understanding of the enormous complexities on the ground.

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