Blogging From Iraq

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Michelle Malkin is in Iraq with Bryan Preston from Hot Air. Their trip was prompted by unanswered questions in the AP/Jamil Hussein scandal. However, it morphed into much more than wanting those questions answered, it also became a quest to find out what is really going on down on the battlefield. Michelle logged her first post from Iraq last night:

Yes, there is danger and chaos and unspeakable bloodshed in parts of Baghdad. Sectarian violence–compounded by everyday street crime and tribal conflict–is rampant. Corruption, incompetence, and apathy infect the Iraqi government. You’ve gotten endless news coverage of all that. But there are also pockets of success and signs of hope amid utter despair. I’ll give you more details of our embed unit after we get home. We have much to report and will be publishing a multi-part video and audio series, blog posts, and op-eds on security conditions, media malpractice, and the big picture on the war next week. Having met, watched, and interviewed a broad cross-section of our troops during our brief but fruitful travels, my faith in the U.S. military has never been stronger– but I will not sugarcoat my skepticism and doubts about decisions being made in Washington.

There are pictures at the post, as well.

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