'Boxer's Low Blow'

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Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) reached new levels of cattiness yesterday, when she implied Condi Rice could not have an opinion on the war since Condi doesn’t have children.

From the NY Post:

Rice appeared before the Senate in defense of President Bush’s tactical change in Iraq, and quickly encountered Boxer.

“Who pays the price? I’m not going to pay a personal price,” Boxer said. “My kids are too old, and my grandchild is too young.”

Then, to Rice: “You’re not going to pay a particular price, as I understand it, with an immediate family.”

You think you’d hear the feminazi’s out in full force, defending Condi’s choice (if it even is her choice) to not have children, and how it doesn’t make her any more or less competent, but they are once again silent.Boxer’s comments also seem to imply that Condi doesn’t “understand” or care, that we’re sending soldiers into harm’s way. Yet, Boxer stood by her comments today:

Boxer released a statement Friday to FOXNews.com through her spokeswoman, Natalie Ravitz, saying:

“I spoke the truth at the committee hearing, which is that neither Secretary Rice nor I have family members that will pay the price for this escalation. My point was to focus attention on our military families who continue to sacrifice because this Administration has not developed a political solution to the situation in Iraq.”

If I were to speak the truth about you, Senator Boxer, and I mean you personally, it might be the truth, but that doesn’t make it ok to say, or even remotely respectful. How do you know that Secretary Rice is childless by choice?

Condi responded today, with a grace that Boxer profoundly lacks:

“I guess that means I don’t have kids. Was that the purpose of that?” Rice said. “Well, at the time I just found it a bit confusing frankly. But in retrospect, gee, I thought single women had come further than that. That the only question is are you making good decisions because you have kids?”

Most people have come further than that. And I think by “confused” she meant that she found it “catty, completely pointless, off topic and asinine”, but who knows.

I feel personally offended (when don’t I!) because Boxer is also slamming me, and many people I know who also don’t have someone serving in the military. My children are too young for service, so does that mean I can’t have a valued opinion? Is she implying we should have the military and its families make war policy? Even if this were some alternate universe where that were true, I can guarantee you that Boxer would still not like the plan for victory in Iraq. Next time she’s going to say she doesn’t like Condi’s shoes, so Condi can’t possibly understand the plight of the innocent shoe-less victims in Sudan.

Take note, though, Boxer is still saying we need a “political” solution, and not a military one. It takes complete delusion to believe we can just say “let’s just talk about this” when they are aiming their evil plots in our direction.

Video of Boxer’s comments, and Rice’s reactions can be seen here.

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