Breaking: Middle Eastern Men Arrested In Port Of Miami *UPDATED*

by admin on January 7, 2007 · 2 comments

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This morning three men of middle eastern decent were detained after they acted suspiciously towards police at the port of Miami. These guys are apparently legal in the US, but couldn’t answer routine questions about their cargo (and the driver lied about the two other men being in the truck).

One of the guys has an outstanding warrant, and now they’ve all been arrested according to Allah.
No matter how this shakes out, if they are really up to something, or just extremely stupid, how long before CAIR is out in full force, crying about racial profiling and demanding port security sensitivity training?

*UPDATE* I watched the press conference. The authorities said the contents in the back of the truck (automotive electric parts) matched the manifest for the delivery. Why was the driver so stupid? Maybe to protect his brother/friend who would be arrested if caught?

I sill won’t be surprised if CAIR complains. The press conference was full of lengthy explanation for why they took every step they did. They had every reason to search this truck.


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