CAIR Surprise: Considering Filing A Lawsuit

by admin on January 10, 2007 · 0 comments

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When I first posted about this earlier this week, I wondered how long it would take for CAIR to cry its jihadi crocodile tears. Apparently, three days:

Three Middle Eastern men who were arrested and later had charges against them dropped over a brief terrorism scare at the Port of Miami on Sunday said they were unfairly targeted because of their ethnicity and creed.

Amar Al-Hadad said he was “humiliated, disrespected (and) treated real badly just because my name is an Arabic name and I’m a Muslim.”

The Iraqi-born Al-Hadad cried during the Monday news conference in which he described the way he, his brother, Hussain Al Hadad, and friend, Hassan El Sayed, were treated.

“We were treated like animals,” El Sayed said.

How much you want to bet they were simply taken into custody and questioned, like all suspicious people hiding in trucks trying to pretend they aren’t wanted from the law and illegally attempting to enter the port of Miami? Or, I could be wrong. The officials might have been perfectly fine with all that shady stuff, and have just not liked the guys name.

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