Hill and Bill

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Random weekend announcement about something the entire world new would happen: Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2008.

From Hot Air:

Is Hillary the best we can hope for among the Democratic nominees? Obama talks bipartisanship but votes a deep, rich blue. Edwards is running on a platform of class warfare. Of Gore let us say no more. Who’s left? Unless Mark Warner jumps in and figures out a way to beat all of them by running to their right, Hillary’s probably the most “conservative” (i.e., nominally hawkish) candidate in the pack. Terrifying.

From Mark Steyn:

I would wager that by 2008 the consultants will be advising that words like “jihad” test badly with the focus groups. Democrats and increasing numbers of Republicans will attempt to paint the war as a kind of geopolitical Monica – an issue that goes away when the incumbent does. When everyone’s talking about “guaranteeing health care”, “leading the fight against global warming”, “strengthening our middle class and ending the shame of poverty” (John Edwards’ “priorities”, though I’ll bet Hill and Obama will also be willing to take such bold stands in their “national conversations”), when everyone’s cruising on autoplatitude, a guy who’s obsessed with “staring down jihadists” will sound as nutty as a fellow trying to win American Idol by doing the Mad Scene from Lucia di Lammermoor.

From NRO:

[...] in 2008 are Americans going to be looking for a president who wants to have tea in their living rooms or someone who they know can stare down jihadists?

From Caroll Platt Liebau:

[...] is America ready to see Bill Clinton once again roaming the halls of The Whit House — this time, with time on his hands?

If you’ve been to Hillary’s site you’ll notice her campaign logo is “Hillary for President”. Obvious omission there, right? Are we supposed to forget who her hubby is? Interesting point made by Time:

One of the most interesting things will be watching how her campaign deals with a former President in the role of campaign spouse. If he stands next to her on stage, he overpowers her. If he campaigns alone on her behalf — the traditional “surrogate” role in which many spouses are most effective — it will likely appear that he is running for what is essentially his own third term. And if he stays out of sight? Voters start wondering again just what exactly is the deal with their marriage.

I hope you’re ready for all Hillary, all the time.

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