*NEW* Undercover UK Mosque footage

by Infidelesto on January 17, 2007 · 2 comments

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This is from the largest Mosque in the UK.  Given the true nature of what these animals preach to their people, and given how blatant they are in not hiding their true beliefs, and given that we the Infidels are due for Death unless we convert to this dispicable, detestable, and dishonorable idealogy of the largest Fraud in the history of all religions, I say, this is a MUSTWATCH, so make sure you know your enemy well.  It won’t be long before we will have to face it.


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  • http://christiancomment Joseph

    why cant I see anything???

  • Liz

    I went to Digg to find this and it has been removed from You Tube because of a copyright infringement with a company called Hardcash.