New York City Comes Through Again

by admin on January 1, 2007 · 0 comments

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servicemen in times square

The highlight of our evening was at 10:40pm when the USO Troupe of Metropolitan New Tork performed their signature “Service Salute” in honor of our armed forces. And the cheer that followed the announcer’s request for a “big cheer for the armed forces” appeared to be greater than any reception any of the peforming acts received. It was very refreshing to see everyone in Times Square letting the troops know of the support they have in New York.

Members of the navy told us that they felt “alot of love for the navy” from the crowds and said their impression of New York was that it is a “very patriotic city.”

Members of the airforce told us that wherever they walked people started cheering and were waving pom-poms in support. They told us that they felt in Times Square “so much pride for the service and for the country.” The airforce members told us that they’re part of an “important mission” and are “proud to be part” of the men and women serving the country.

Good on ya, NYC!

Source: NY Sun

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