'Payback In Somalia'

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This was good enough for its own post, read the post below for more information. From Flopping Aces:

If we have had drones on these guys all this time I would hazard a guess that we have been supplying the Ethopian army lots of information to decimate Al-Qaeda.

And I do mean decimate, ever wonder what a AC-130 is capable of doing:



Bill Roggio tells us who may have been with this group we waxed:
Abu Taha al-Sudani (or Tariq Abdullah) is al-Qaeda’s leader in East Africa, and Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan are the two wanted operatives in the embassy bombings.
Plus he updates us on what may have happened:
While not explicitly stated, the report indicates the likelihood is high that there are indeed U.S. Special Forces on the ground. An American intelligence source informs us U.S. Special Forces and CIA paramilitary teams are directly embedded with Ethiopian forces in Somalia. Also, either the Predator UAVs used to track the al-Qaeda leader and operatives either were not versions armed with Hellfire missiles, or the terrorists were moving in a convoy large enough that the individual vehicles could not be identified, the Predators did not possess enough weapons to destroy the entire convoy and the AC-130 was brought in to sweep the entire formation. The moving of the Eisenhower carrier group from the Persian Gulf to the waters off Somalia indicates further, prolonged operations may be in the plans, perhaps even air support for the assault on Ras Kamboni. Somalia has become an active front for the U.S. in the Long War.
But alas, by the time day breaks tomorrow the NYT’s will have reported that we struck the wrong people and it’s all a bunch of innocent civilians with guns. Poor widdle fellows.

Its good to hear about our troops doing what needs to be done, in this case helping the Ethiopians wallup Islamism. We don’t care who gets “credit”, we just want them dead before they can kill more infidels. Plus, a little payback can feel good sometimes, too. Watch out for the tomorrow’s MSM spin.

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