President of India talks directly to his people about Terrorism…through Yahoo!

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What a novel and ingenius way to communicate with your people.  I think is the direct reflection of the age of the internet merging it’s way into humanity’s way of living.  Considering that a lot of the responses are read, it gives the people a nice voice to be heard, instead of sifting through all the speculation of how your government is behaving. 

He already has over 6000 responses. I hope he has time to read some!

Here’s his question to the people:

What should we do to free our planet from terrorism?
Human society, from origin until now, has always been at war within and between groups and has led to two World Wars. Presently, terrorism and low intensity warfare are affecting many parts if the world.

As the current global population of 6 billion increases to 8 billion by 2025, national and international conflicts will continue to be a source of concern for humanity. When evil minds combine, good minds have to work together and combat. In this context, what are the out-of-the-box solutions to free the planet earth from terrorism?
Your answers when processed and implemented can lead to a peaceful, happy and safe planet earth.

YAHOO! ANSWERS staff notice: You can also view the President’s video here:… Register there to also win really cool prizes! Only Indian residents will be eligible for the prizes. Winners will be contacted on their yahoo email ids, so keep checking.

This is really the President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Keep checking our blog for more on this and the winners:


 President of India speaking directly to the people….through Yahoo Answers (via Digg)

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