Sharia Doctrine and 'Temporary Marriage' aka Sex Slavery

by Infidelesto on January 20, 2007 · 4 comments

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Ah, Once again we are reminded of the sick and twisted doctrinal decision-making of these Sharia ruled regimes. What’s disgusting is that it’s a total work around of the system. More degrading to women…letting Men get away with whatever they feel like.

This articla outlines the hidden “treasure trove” of so many men and women living under Sharia Law and how there are so many speaking out in blogs and online journals, that the Iranian government is working harder than ever to supress, or quiet these writing from evergetting out to the public.

So…Sex slavery…ahem…I mean Temporary marriages are rampid throughout Iran:

Even more astonishing, Iran’s new Islamic-guided government has established a system of legalized prostitution, through the practice of “sigheh” or “temporary marriages,” by which a mullah arranges a “legal union” between a man and a girl (some as young as nine years old) for a fee. The so-called marriage can last anywhere from one hour to 99 years. Under this system, men are free to enter into as many temporary marriages as they so desire, without having any legal obligation or responsibility toward the women and children that they “marry” only to use as sexual objects and slaves.

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  • guest

    Very funny again…. how many muslim men are standing next to their wives throughout their pregnancies and child raising and how many of yours are done after sex except some charity money as child support and  a few hours of playing with kids in a week 

    • Anonymous

      Okay, miss phd muslim supremacist. Your mask has slipped. Better crawl back under your burka and let your husband “stand next to you” while he’s bitch-slapping you and boinking what “his right hand possesses.”

    • SirWilhelm

      Funny? What’s funny about this? Unless it’s Muslims emulating their deity, the Greatest Deceiver, Allah, by trying to make prostitution look like marriage, and legalizing it. It’s funny if they think they are fooling anyone. And your attempted justification is too weak to even comment on.

  • AJ

    muslim or not, people of this day and age would find this quite horrifying…