Troops: 'if you really support us, prove it'

by Infidelesto on January 30, 2007 · 3 comments

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Here’s a video about the troops (via hotair) and what they think of the so-called “supporters of the troops, not the war”.  They’re bascially calling out all those who claim they support the troops, yet demoralize them in the media on a daily basis.  this just shows that we need to let our boys do the job and finish the job.  Stop criticizing them, start supporting what they’re doing regardless of wether or not you think they should even be there.

Stop the ‘Hate Bush’ obsession already and realize that these guys over there are FIGHTING THE ENEMY, whether YOU like it or not., and start showing a little support.

This is what I think is actually going on in these crazy liberal minds:

“I support the troops but……


No wonder liberalism is a psycholigical mental/culture/social disorder….

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  • Rudy

    Not sure where I saw it, but it applies. I would rather be a conservative nutjob than a liberal with no nuts and no job :)

  • Dave & Heather

    Funny, last time I checked, it’s the libs in Congress who were right that there were no WMDs in Iraq, it’s the libs who tried to stop the troops from illegally invading Iraq, it’s the libs who said that the troops didn’t have adequate armor, weapons and training to keep them safe, it’s the libs who protested the dirty VA hospital scandal, it’s the libs who want the troops to get college funding, etc., etc. Libs don’t support the war, but they’ve supported the troops. Conservatives have just flapped their jaws while wasting hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money on a useless, fucked up, 3rd rate country.
    But then if conservatives had any brains or decency or even recent memory of current events… they’d be libs. Bring the troops home – no more money for a useless war. Next time you conservatives want a war (and you always do) go yourselves and use your own money to finance it. That’ll be a short war – you big-mouths will certainly lose it, you couldn’t even win in Iraq. The rest of the world is laughing at you and your stupid, incompetent president and his gang of criminals and incompetents. As far as “no job” – wars and prisons are meant for the dumb hick Republican young people who can barely graduate high school so they have to go into the military or become prison guards to earn a decent living. And conservatives have no nuts – they are the biggest cowards in the world: “OOOooh the terrorists are coming!!!” they go running to their mommies or their churches and cry. I guess libs live in “the home of the brave” – but not conservatives. Jeez, you guys can’t fight a war without coming back with PTSD, that’s how tough you are. Grow up, grow a pair, stop blubbering with fear and live in the real world for a change. Yeah, not everybody in the world likes you. Get used to it. Or go fight in Iraq. You’d last about two days: “Wah, I want my mommy!” LOL.

  • Robert, Ireland

    Dave and Heather, you arrogant, ignorant pieces of sh1t. I take it YOU have never been in the military. PTSD is a very real condition suffered by people that put their lives on the line for YOUR right to denigrate them. How dare you tell anyone else to go to Iraq if they don’t like your idea of America. Why don’t you go to the front lines and see for yourself what American soldiers put up with to try and keep a free world? Or are you just another armchair Liberal who doesn’t have the guts to expose themselve to the real world, who just sit there and talk about some fantasy world where everything is okay and Islamic terrorism isn’t the next big threat to international stability.
    It makes me physically nauseous to think that brave men and women are putting their lives at risk for people like you.