War on Islamofascism stuff: 1/28/07

by Infidelesto on January 28, 2007 · 0 comments

Do you like this story?

-Apparently according to a poll in Britian, 40% of young Islamic Men want to live under Sharia in Britian.

-Radical Islamists in Australia are calling out to all Muslims in Australia to denounce democracy, and fight for an Islamic state, eventually working towards forming a pan-global Islamic government.

-But of course the west doesn’t see it as an fundamental, ecomonical, idealogical threat. Instead, they want to blame “Multiculturalism” for the Islamic radicals behaviour (via Hotair)

-and we see western societies Bowing to Islamic pressure, getting pushed, and bullied around the block to appease the Islamic population, who have successfully scrapped the Holocaust Memorial Event that was supposed to take place this weekend.

Sounds to me like the UK is pretty much pacified themselves totally and completely. Within 10 years we will see 2-5 Islamic governments in Western Europe. Let’s hope we don’t let it happen to ourselves here in America.

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