'A Cautious Optimism In Iraq'

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Senator Jon Kyl, recently back from Iraq, has this to say about his trip:

Beginning with our first meetings at Camp Arijan in Kuwait, senior military leaders consistently emphasized to us the need for Congress to pass President Bush’s supplemental spending request to carry out the mission over the next several months.

Threats from some in Washington to block the request for funding or impose onerous restrictions on how the money is spent have our military leaders worried that they won’t have what they need to fight and win. The troops with whom I spoke are also carefully watching the debate back home and don’t want to be undercut while their lives are on the line. I am convinced, now more than ever, that this “slow bleed” strategy that seeks to end the war by choking off funds and reinforcements is totally irresponsible. It would pull the rug out from under our troops just as they appeared to be making real progress against the enemy.


I left the Middle East with a growing concern over the pernicious role Iran plays in the region.

Whether we were meeting with U.S. military leaders or Iraqi government officials, the conversation always seemed to come back to Iran. Shiite militias in Sadr City and elsewhere are clearly being armed by Iranian agents.

Part of the president’s Baghdad Security Plan includes going after improvised explosive device networks and capturing those who bankroll them, regardless of their nationality. Some have criticized this approach as an “escalation against Iran” or a “prelude to war.” It is not, but I believe we have an obligation to stop those who are responsible for killing our troops. And we do need to apply the appropriate pressure to get the Iranians to back off.

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