Achmed The Dead Terrorist

by Infidelesto on February 18, 2007 · 7 comments

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“Achmed the Dead Terrorist” by Jeff Dunham is one of the funniest acts I’ve seen. Jeff Dunham does a brilliant job at portraying terrorists in a light-hearted funny way with his one of a kind character, Achmed the dead terrorist.

If you are a sensitive terrorist or a politically correct liberal, you may find this offensive.

(Note: “Walter” is another puppet that is in a box during this sketch)

Here’s the most viewed “Achmed the Dead Terrorist video” on Youtube:

Here’s another by Jeff Dunham – Achmed The Dead Terrorist
Achmed The Dead Terrorist – Jingle Bombs

Achmed The Dead Terrorist – Jingle Bombs

Achmed The Dead Terrorist – Part 2

Achmed The Dead Terrorist sings Christmas songs:

Achmed Sings Christmas Songs

More about Achmed The Dead Terrorist:

About Jeff Dunham and the story behind Achmed The Dead Terrorist

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  • Carrington

    I feel like I might really make a difference in the world. One You Tube video at a time. :)

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  • coffee buzz

    Jeff Dunham is perhaps the greatest ventriloquist alive… or at least the funniest

  • Traffic Web Domain

    i'll kill youuu……
    i like ahmed when said that words :) )

  • Surveying Tools

    hahahaha…when i read ” jeff dunham ” i always remember for Ahmed. lol..

  • Surveying Supplier

    jingle booommmmbbsss… lol

  • hellosnackbar

    I currently have:Silence I keel you! as my mobile phone ring tone!