Republicans Send Clear Message to Conservative Base

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The House of Representatives passed a weak-kneed yellow belly pointless non-binding resolution today to “send a message” to our enemies President Bush that they want the U.S. to lose the war don’t support the surge. I think a message was sent loud and clear, but which one?





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According to Fox News, 17 Republicans voted in support of the resolution, with 2 Dem’s voting against. What is going on here? From Hugh Hewitt:

There is a war going on, and the political front at home is the crucial front. It is on the political front in D.C. that the enemy in Iraq intends to win. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines, their families and supporters expect the Representatives and Senators to treat the war as the life-or-death struggle that it is, not another election issue. The GOP has not been doing so, and it needs to start doing so.

Hugh posted that column earlier this week, when there was a tiny glimmer of hope that some of the Republicans weren’t going to go all white flag on us. Unfortunately, they went through with their promises, and voted to not support the war today. Today Hugh said:

The congressional representatives of the Party of Lincoln and the Party of Reagan have never been collectively less committed to victory and less able to communicate than today.

Mary Katharine Ham points out why this is such a big deal to us GOP-ers:

[...] these guys are worse than the Dems in a lot of cases. I mean, at least Dems have the excuse of naivete or ignorance. They’ve never really understood the threat, most of them, and always focused on politics first, but most Republicans have no such excuse.

Via Atlas, Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ) does get it, and pegs the whole situation today, regarding the resolution (quote excerpted in its entirety because it rocks):

“Following repeated claims by jihadist leaders that America will lose it’s will to win in Iraq as it did in Vietnam, Beirut, and Somalia, the U.S. House of Representatives today, confirmed our enemies’ claims by passing a politically posturing, “non-binding” resolution that emboldens our enemies, betrays our allies in Iraq, and signals our intent to abandon our troops fighting overseas.”

“This resolution will have grave and far reaching consequences that will ultimately lead to the deaths of more Americans and innocent Iraqis. It sends a message of weakness that serves to encourage our enemies to hang on a little longer and keep up the fight. Our enemies have openly declared their intent to kill us. If we do not defeat radical jihadists in Iraq, where we will we defeat them? If not now, when?

“In this debate I repeatedly tried to point out that our troops are fighting a war that is broad in scope and that Islamic jihadists will not stop attacking us even if America withdraws from Iraq. The limited debate proposed by Democrats implies otherwise, and puts America at great risk. Withdrawal from Iraq will send a clear message to our allies and to friend and foe alike that American cannot be trusted to keep its word when confronted with danger and adversity.”


ADDED: Go check out the fantastic video (as well as a list of the white flag Republicans) posted at Hot Air. Its a must watch.

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