CAIR Whines About LGF 'Smear'

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Do you like this story?

Dontcha just hate it when the truth comes out, and your religion of peace is exposed as not being…peaceful?

Really chaps my hide, and CAIR’s hide too:

On ultraconservative Web sites like, the story of Monday’s shooting rampage at Trolley Square has been reduced to one fact: “Salt Lake City Killer Was a Muslim.”

There is no record that Talovic attended any of the mosques in the Salt Lake area, according to both Tarek Mosseir, a spokesman for the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake, or Bobby Ravish of Muslim Forum. Mosseir noted that many Bosnian Muslims are more secular than religious.

But wait, the very next paragraph, the same guy (Mosseir) contradicts this:

“What I hear is that he came a couple of times at most, to Eid prayers, but I can’t confirm that he came.”

No worries though, The Guardian’s blog has CAIR’s back:

PLAYING WITH FIRE: Right-wing bloggers are attempting to smear Islam with the Salt Lake City tragedy – and are stirring up fear and hatred as a result.

Um, is that title a veiled threat? Why is it playing with fire to “attempt to smear” Islam? Could it be, oh I don’t know, because they want to behead anyone who insults them?

Leading the charge has been, which opened its account of the “six minutes of horror”, by noting: “The media did everything they could to avoid mentioning it, but it’s confirmed today that the mass murderer who terrorized a mall in Salt Lake City was a Bosnian Muslim.”

In particular, Littlegreenfootballs upbraided Salt Lake’s Deseret News for failing to mention the killer’s religion in its early reports on the incident. The paper took issue with the allegations, printing an article detailing the reaction of “ultraconservative” bloggers and publishing some of the email threats it said it had received. The postings, wrote the paper’s Elaine Jarvik and Deborah Bulkeley, “have resulted in a barrage of vitriolic emails to the News from people either angry at the paper for not mentioning the religion of shooter Sulejman Talovic in Wednesday’s web edition, or certain that because Talovic is Muslim that he must be a terrorist.”

They also send some barbs towards JihadWatch:

His [LGF's Charles Johnson] view was echoed on the mildly-named Jihadwatch, plaything of writer Robert Spencer. “The bottom line is this,” he wrote, “in light of the fact that there have been several attacks similar to Talovic’s committed by Muslims in the last year … and that in each case authorities have discounted the possibility. All I am asking is that the possibility that such attacks are motivated by the jihad ideology, even in the absence of an institutional connection to a group like al-Qaida, be duly considered. Is that too much to ask?”

Spencer even addresses the contention that Talovic had not attended a mosque.
“It is unfortunately possible that he could never have gone to the mosque at all and still be jihad-motivated. Consider, for example, that an al-Qaida manual directs operatives to ‘avoid visiting famous Islamic places (mosques, libraries, Islamic fairs, etc)’.”

I think a great way to know you are doing good, is to be publicly criticized BY NAME, by CAIR and The Guardian. Way to go infidels!

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