Death Threat Against Condoleezza Rice

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Just business as usual for the Islamic Jihad.  From MEMRI:

In response to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s signing of a decision to reward $5 million to anyone helping in the arrest of Islamic Jihad secretary-general Ramadan Abdallah Shelah, the Islamic Jihad sent a threat to kill Rice.

The Islamic Jihad spokesman in the Gaza Strip said: “Any attempt to harm Dr. Shelah means that Rice and the one who carries out the decision are at the top of the list of wanted individuals and are a target for the resistance.”

Likewise, the military wing of the Al-Quds Brigades threatened to carry out a wave of violent operations against all U.S. interests in the event of any attempts to harm Dr. Shelah or any of the symbols of the resistance.

Islamic Jihad hails from Syria, works (among other areas) in Palestine, and the Al-Quds Brigades are also working in Palestine.  Remember, Syria is our best bosom buddy, and we should just be talking to them, right?  Oh, wait:

 While Syria officials stress the “informational character” of the Damascus offices of Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups and claim that their work “is limited to expressing their viewpoint,” these offices clearly direct fund, and coordinate terrorist operations in the West Bank and Gaza. They serve specifically operational functions, and they do so at the behest of – and in the service of – the Syrian regime.

Despite President Bush’s call for Damascus to expel terrorist organizations from Syria and close down their camps, the Syrian foreign ministry has again made it clear that it has no intention of shutting down these facilities. Syria’s proactive support for terrorist groups, some of them with “global reach” has expanded, not shrunk, since September 11, and its proxies have engaged in increasingly heinous attacks.

They may be “expressing” their view that Rice should die, but the insanity is in how they express themselves.  They aren’t painting abstract art, doing interpretive dance, or writing emo music, they are actually paying people to go “express” their hate by killing innocent people.  The world, and many of our own people here in the U.S., expect us to sit idly by and wait for them to express themselves in another mall, another marketplace, or another NYC, before we are allowed to get worked up enough to care.  Perhaps Syria is under our military radar at the moment, but they certainly should not be given a free pass when contemplating the global war that rages on in every crevace of the world.

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