Can The Digg Mobs Be Tricked?

by Infidelesto on February 24, 2007 · 2 comments

Do you like this story?

LGF posted about this today, and I just wanted to add something to what they are saying here.

They’re doing this with every LGF post that shows up at Digg now, and the swarm is almost instantaneous. If one of our posts gets to the front page, it’s buried within minutes.

It’s a leftist totalitarian dreamworld. They simply exclude any and all points of view that violate the groupthink—and call it “democracy.”

The most ridiculous example is in the first LGF post that broke through the Digg hivemind, in which the first two dozen comments are hidden: Digg – Iran Uses Photoshop: Fake Pic ‘Reveals’ US Terror Arms.

I must say that whenever my posts get on Digg, they don’t go far just cause it’s usually a conservative post.

You can trick the libs at Digg and make the title of your Digg submission something pertaining to the subject at hand, yet very left leaning (even-though your post is actually conservative). You’d be surprised at how a good title and description can help vault a story to the top page of Digg or Reddit. There’s a lot of people who will digg or bury just based on the title without clicking on the article, so if can eliminate some of those bury’s it with a good title or smart description, it can really help.

It’s sad that they don’t come up with some sort of system where everyone can be heard equally. I can’t even look at the political opinion section in Digg anymore because it’s nothing but left leaning garbage that gets old too fast, and plus it gets boring arguing with liberal minded people in comments.


So I submitted this post to digg and I posted it with the title

Digg community showing voice in politics

The Digg community is really showing it’s voice on the political front. Look at this!!!

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  • ruby stein

    It will be interesting to see how the Islamic world responds to this one. The Islamic veiw point is that it was Judas Iscariot who was crucified and not Jesus. This author of the book deliver a messiah mistaken identity claims an independant theory. It is not just a challenge in my opinion to the christian world, but to the islamic worls as well. After seeing the cover-art I think I know where he is headed with this one. Sounds like an interesting read. Christians should act christian like, and not make such comments. This is free country an the author has the right to express his ideas-opinions or what have you. Let us not forget that “History is not truth” but an attempt to get at the truth. Peace to you all.

  • Rudy

    Who gives a crap about dig? We have infidelsarecool and his buddies listed on the RIGHT column(I imagine that was done intentionally heheh)