In the Interest of Civilization

by admin on February 9, 2007 · 2 comments

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Pamela at Atlas Shrugs interviewed Benjamin Netanyahu, and has some interesting tidbits to share:

Netanyahu: “Iran could be the first non-deterable nuclear power. Fueled and motivated by a hate filled ideology, a satanic apocalyptic cult that is willing to sacrifice millions of its own people for the bad, twisted vision of a reconstituted Islamic empire under Iranian rule.”

We touched on this idea of Iran having no problem killing fellow muslims in our post about the impending doom of the second Holocaust. Iran doesn’t want to destroy Israel and the West because we are infidels (though it makes it go down smoothly for them), they want to destroy us because we are the only ones standing in the way of total Sharia law, all over the world. They use their Koran as a religious gateway into civilized nations, pretending they are the “religion of peace”, demand special treatment, complain about discrimination, then use the Koran to legitimize their killings.

“For this purposee they want to get nuclear weapons that will help them complete what they are already doing which is seeking to topple Lebanon and turn it into a Shiite republic. They already took the Palestinian regime with their Hamas proxies. They are seeking to throw the United States out of Iraq and make it part of the Shiite crescent.

But if they get nuclear weapons they would get control of the oil supplies and the Arabian Peninsula and topple many other regimes and then be armed in such a way that they could foster terror on an unimaginable scale.

But equally what they seek to do as they openly say is to destroy my country while denying one holocaust they are preparing another….And if they start with Israel they’ll only start with Israel. Because Just like the [unintelligible] apocalyptic creed, it’s starts with Jew hatred then it spreads like wildfire to the rest of humanity.  Stopping Iran is in the interest of civilization.”

Did you hear that? Civilization. Not just America. Iran see’s itself as the starring role in some fabulous evil destiny, how could we, their enemy, possibly “talk” them out of that?

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