Intellectual Dishonesty

by Infidelesto on February 23, 2007 · 2 comments

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Who said anything about patriotism?

Perfect Example. Today’s “Big” news is Vice-President Dick Cheney backing up his statements about saying that Pelosi’s strategy is flawed. Notice I said “strategy is flawed” and not “you are un-patriotic”.

I have experienced this myself in everyday life. I have experienced it with acquaintance/business relationships throughout my lifetime. We all know those people around us who will take an intellectual conversation and make it personal. How annoying! It’s called “Intellectual dishonesty”, as Dennis Prager put it. Where do these people get the idea that anyone is questioning your patriotism when we say you are aiding the enemies strategy with your policies?

I firmly agree with Cheney on this and I’m glad he’s not backing down. Why doesn’t Pelosi have the guts to stand up and back up her anti-war propaganda? Because she has no argument other than “bring our boys home” or “dying for an unjust war”, and blah blah etc….because she knows it consists of nothing more than demoralizing our troops, giving the enemy what they want, ignoring American/World history, blindly hoping diplomacy is going to work with Iran, and blindly thinking that leaving an unstable Iraq at this point would prove to be disastrous for the Iraqi people. Sure it’s easy to say “let them fight it out”, but do you want to be remembered as the nation who stuck their nose in other people’s business, stir things up, and then leave it in worse shape than when we first arrived? No, you want to be the person who said, yes I finished the job, and leave there feeling good about helping the Iraqi people secure their own country (whatever that means).

When you have generals on c-span pleading to the American people to “let us do our job“, why can’t we trust them? Why can’t the liberals trust our Generals? The gentleman who interviewed Cheney said, “isn’t it a failure if 3000 American lives were lost?” (this is a former CNN reporter, now at ABC doing the same thing). They are consumed with the fact that one death in ANY war means failure for the United States. God forbid we actually crush the enemy and take away their will to fight…

What Murtha and Pelosi are doing to this country is intellectually dishonest and THAT is what’s hurting the country.

*Update (SistaInfidel):  From The Anchoress: How much longer do we have to stay on the perpetually adolescent, perpetually aggreived, perpetually tantrum-thrown boomer playground? 

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  • Senior

    There’s nothing patriotic about giving in to terrorists. The Democrats don’t appear to care about the decent people of Iraq at all, and they’re quite willing to inflict on those decent people the consequences of US withdrawal. If the Democrats do get into power, they won’t remain there long, because the people who vote for them will realise that their policies simply make al-Qaeda stronger.

  • Rudy


    That is what liberals are, at their core. They are COWARDS, lacking any spine, guts or testicular fortitude. All the democrats care about is doing what makes them feel good inside, not doing what is right.