Jordanian family drops all charges in son's 'honor killing' of sister

by Infidelesto on February 19, 2007 · 5 comments

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He walks free after his sentence reduced to ”time already spent”.  Looks like you can get away with muderous fits of rage, how convenient!  What a disgrace to that judge who made the decision, and what a disgrace to the religion of Islam which allows this sort of behavior. 

AMMAN – A Jordanian who killed his divorced sister over rumors that she had a lover was cleared of premeditated murder because he acted in a “fit of rage,” after his family dropped charges, the Jordan Times reported Thursday.

The verdict was handed down Wednesday, five months after the 19-year-old university student shot to death his 22-year-old sister, 10 minutes after he was told that she had a lover out of wedlock, it said, quoting court papers.

The student, whose name was not disclosed, received a three-month jail sentence and walked free for time already served.

“The 10-minute interval between hearing of his sister’s immoral actions and meeting her face-to-face is proof that he did not plot the murder,” a court statement said.

The young man had turned himself in to the police after the murder claiming that he acted to “cleanse the family’s honor” and initially received a six-month prison sentence.

But the court slashed the verdict by half and changed the charge from premeditated murder to a misdemeanor “because the defendant killed his sister in a fit of rage,” in line with Article 98 of the penal code, the daily said.

It also argued that the “victim brought disgrace to her family and the defendant and tarnished their honor [because] her actions were against religion and social norms” in the conservative Muslim country.

The court said that it also opted for a reduced sentence “because his family dropped the charges against him and because he is a student.”

Medical sources quoted by the Jordan Times, however, said that an autopsy performed on the victim after the murder showed that the woman had not been sexually active before she was killed.

But the court countered: “It is possible the victim had changed her clothes … before she was killed to hide evidence that would show she was engaged in an illegitimate affair.”

In 2006, at least 12 women were killed in similar “honor crimes” in Jordan.

Typically the killers go unpunished or are handed reduced sentences, often with little or no jail time.

Jordan’s parliament has twice rejected proposed changes to the penal code that would impose harsher sentences on “honor killers,” despite campaigns by human rights activists.

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  • sushiman

    How can any civilized nation take a government seriously if these are its laws and practices? A ‘fit of rage’? So its perfectly OK for this guy to murder his sister simply because he was mad? People get mad about alot of things, if everyone started killing each other for anger the world would be left with about 5 people in it. 5 very angry people. Did I mention there are now only 4 people left?

    Of course its women who are victims of this ridiculous practice… wait why even mention that? Women are the victim of EVERY practice of Islam… it is quite clear that according to that religion and any nation that follows it, women are not to be treated as human beings. According to Islam, they are property, and can be beaten, abused, locked up, stoned, murdered, etc… basically anything that a man wants to do: he will get away with it because of the ‘law’. They try to make their laws appear to not be COMPLETELY RETARDED, as they truly are, by saying it was ‘justified’ based on a code of ‘honor’. If these people knew anything of honor, there would be no headlines about them or terrorists, cause lets face it they produce and contribute NOTHING that is beneficial to the world in general. Even if there is some sort of code to follow here… where is the evidence? Does evidence matter to them? NO. Listen to how completely STUPID these people are, they FEED it to you!!!!!!!!! “10 minutes after he was told that she had a lover out of wedlock, it said, quoting court papers” – SERIOUSLY? I could have walked up to him and said, ‘hey your sister is having an affair with….. uhmm…. President Bush.’ And then he would go murder his sister for her betrayal of his family honor. And then the courts will let him get away with it. Not that it really matters, cause everything is so wrong about this… but what if the girl wasnt even having an affair? Do they even care? No.

    I laugh in the face of any woman (typically left-loving liberals) that defend these people. I wish for just one day they had to endure the life that women born into this MADNESS have to endure… for they would shut their appeasing, foolish, destructive mouths and listen for a change… listen to the islamofascists telling the world how much they HATE and want to DESTROY…. pretty much EVERYONE in the WORLD but THEMSELVES. Which is all the males in power care about under such law… themselves. Unfortunately I think it will take a MAJOR terrorist attack for the blind idiots of this world to actually believe someone hates them this much.

    Last thought: There’s a reason why women dont stay around or alive under such law… and it leads right into beastiality. How funny are the youtube videos our troops took of these people having sex with farm animals? Well… when theres no women left in 50 miles that isnt married, murdered, beaten, or stoned… I guess theres only one place left to look for fun.

    Next headline out of the middle-east: ‘Man goes into murderouss rage and beheads local sheep in honor killing; courts only sentence him to 2 weeks since the sheep in question was having an affair with all 30 neighbors in the village.’

  • Sistainfidel

    None of the big feminist groups will come out against any of this, because (as Gloira Steinem recently admitted publicly) their “cause” has more to do with politics than women. I don’t know of any activist group for women’s rights that is ACTUALLY for women’s rights, and not furthering leftist agenda. There are some great groups that empower women and put women in the spotlight, but its not enough.

    About the animals (oh the poor animals, did you HAVE to bring that up?), I read a post recently somewhere that explained how it talks about beastiality in the Koran (I think it was at Atlas Shrugs). It basically says that any animal that a man has sex with has to be killed or sold out of the city. Doesn’t say NOT to do it, just what to do when you do it. SICK. I didn’t know about those things on youtube, and now I wish I didn’t.

  • ERS

    Sistainfidel, did Gloria Steinem really say that? Can you provide me with a citation or a hyperlink so I can read it with my own eyes? I’m not asking this because I doubt you. . .but I’ve been working on this problem for years, funded by my own money, mainly because I can’t find any major women’s NGOs (no matter what they say in their mission statements) that will actually fund solutions to this problem. They will fund nice-sounding conferences and workshops and travel for Arab/Muslim women to see the world and discuss this amongst themselves, but real solutions? Something other than overhead expenses? The silence is deafening. And I’ve been wondering, “Where is everyone who cares about basic, basic human rights? Where’s the outrage? There are some obvious solutions. . .why is no one funding them?”

    Sadly, this particular “honor” killing case in Jordan is fairly typical. Because there are three penal code articles on the books that offer leniency to the perpetrators (Articles 97, 98, and 340), the average sentence is six months, the typical one three to 24 months. The World Bank studied every single case of “honor” killings in Jordan in 1997 and found that a full 95% of the victims were still virgins, just like this one. So there is not even a burden of proof placed on the killers. Just an accusation, a charge, a rumor is sufficient to snuff out a life.

    These crimes actually pre-date Islam, so it is unfair to blame the faith. In fact, Islam does not condone these crimes. They are believed to have their origins in misinterpretations of pre-Islamic Arab tribal codes. Nonetheless, it is the case that, of the estimated 5,000 “honor” killings committed per annum (i.e., the UN’s estimate), the overwhelming majority of them occur in Arab/Muslim countries and in Arab/Muslim immigrant communities elsewhere. So there is a correlation, but no causality.

    Sadly, not enough is being done to address and prevent these wholesale murders of girls and women. From what I’ve seen, the activists within Jordan haven’t been successful at changing the laws, at building shelters, at coming up with a network of safehouses for these girls and women (right now, if they are at risk, they are warehoused in prison while the people who threaten them walk free), at anything that would lighten the load for them in some way. There is too much infighting, to much jockeying for turf, too many people who seem to have lost sight of the point. Perhaps it is past time for the international community to begin to hold to account the leaders of the countries where these crimes occur. Withhold aid pending improvements. Direct some funds to building shelters. Enforce all those lovely-sounding international agreements and conventions that these countries have signed but are in violation of. It’s an emergency. . .people are dying.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”
    (Available on

  • Sistainfidel

    ERS, I regret not posting my source at the time, but I’ll try to find it if I can. I’ve been on somewhat of an extended maternity leave, so I haven’t been in the loop.

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