Putin – Contributing Teammate or Whining Bench Player

by Infidelesto on February 12, 2007 · 0 comments

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Ok, so forgive my baseball analogy but I couldn’t think of any other way to put our relationship with Vladimir Putin.  Putin seems right now to be that whining teamate who claims he’s on your side, yet continually undermines his allies and defends the rights of despot dictators and their nuclear ambitions, systematically siding with the enemy, being on the opposite side of almost every major geopolitical issue.

After Putin, sounding more like Krushev of the Soviet Union, using the NATO platform in germany over the weekend to blast US foreign policy, Defense Secretary Gates shot back, downplaying the rhetoric saying,  

“As an old cold warrior, one of yesterday’s speeches almost filled me with nostalgia for a less complex time,” he said. “Almost.” ….

“And, I guess, old spies have a habit of blunt speaking,” Mr. Gates said.

“However, I have been to re-education camp — spending four and half years as a university president and dealing with faculty.”

“Russia is a partner in endeavors, But we wonder, too, about some Russian policies that seem to work against international stability, such as its arms transfers and its temptation to use energy resources for political coercion.”

I think it’s funny how Putin whine about what we’re doing around the world yet seems to doing it himself in tightening the noose of control around the people of Russia. 

Note to Putin: 

You want to lecture the U.S. on foreign policy when you, yourself, are contributing to the nuclear arms race by supplying Iran with weapons and technology eventhough they incite genocide among their own people with thousands chanting “Death to America” and “Down with the Great Satan”.  Mr Putin you just ignore the rhetoric of Iran? Do you ignore these genocidal comments made by a man in a position of great power?  Would you have ignored Hitler if you were in power in 1939? Would you have supplied Hitler with weapons back then? 

I’ll second Ross’s assertion, when I say, mind you own business, Putin!   I haven’t seen you do anything to help what’s going on around the world except threaten a veto of involuntary sanctions against N. Korea back in June ’06, buddy up with Kim Jong mentally Ill, continue to supply Iran with anti-aircraft missles, cater to your best friends, Hamas,  build your military back up to Cold war status, and then claim that WE, the US are the problem? You sound like a powerless, bitter, ex-KGB agent who just wants more power.  Who’s side are you really on?

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