Satire At Its Best

by Infidelesto on February 9, 2007 · 6 comments

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If you haven’t seen C&F on my blogroll you’re in for a treat. I link to them occasionally and I just love their artistic ability combined with political satire. It puts a funny side to the gloom and doom of world news today. Make sure you check out the rest of their cartoons, and buy their book if you want! Here’s their latest on Islamic image problems:

image problem
Image problems by C&F

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  • d

    It does not take a mental giant to see the real truth behind the Koran. It is an old saying that “actions speak louder than words” and that “by your actions you are known”, and again, “a person is only as good as their word”. By these old truths we should be able to clearly see the “evil” of Islam. Those practicing this evil religion should be afraid, very afraid of awakening the old Christian Crusader that is asleep but not dead. If the Christian community decides to exercise its own Jihad against the peoples of Islam, especially the so called radicals, will see a force of anger and annihilation they only dream of. When the people of Islam allow those murdering radicals to live among them and to support them a certain line will eventually be crossed and we will see all of Europe will rise up and make what America has been trying to accomplish in half measures see like a school day field trip. It is but a matter of time before the stupid Islamic leaders incite their ignorant, hate filled, satanic possessed followers into an act that will awaken the modern day Christian Crusader bristling with all of the modern implements high technology can provide and the blood of the Arab and of the Persian will evaporate into nothing. One day, if they do not have a change of heat, they will be delivered to a Muslim hell by a Christian force just as blood thirsty for the god they serve. Perhaps it won’t be a Christian force, perhaps another, bu it too will serve a god of “force”. This is not a prophecy or some kind of cult imagination, it is but an observation of history and of the modern distribution of military might in the world of today. If the United States were a truly barbaric, nation of war, bent on conquest they would have already owned most of the world. If the people of the United States decided to really go to war, I mean like WWII, and the American people decided to go on food rationing and gas rationing in order to defeat the evil religion of Islam then we wold see an end of this lunacy in very short order. But for that to happen something worse than the towers will have to happen to propel the fattest people in the world into slimming down and making real declaration of war. As it stands the Americans are not willing to do that — Like I said, they need something bigger, badder, more evil than the murder of almost four thousand Americans. Since the Towers and the actions taken by the USA most of the real action, outside of Iraq, and Afghanistan has been happening in Europe, and of course the Island of England. Europe has proven its war like nature. Europe is filled with the hope of Empire, not unlike the dream of the
    Iranian for a Persian resurrection (what dreamers they are). When the European Empire is pushed in just the right way, maybe they will suffer a Twin Tower episode, then the real terror will begin. History proves that Europe knows how to go to war and it will be most advantageous for the rise of Europe as a military giant to wait for this festering mess in the Middle East to waste, or a least reduce, the will and power (strength) of the USA. I almost feel sorry for the Arab people, especially those that have wanted nothing but to live a peace that. I pray there is a change of attitude and the Arab people, of what ever religion will rise up and take back their country from the radical side of Islam before it is too late. Ah, but I fear it is too late. Come Europe come, show the world your hidden might, pull out the sword, call fire from heaven, deliver order to the fuel basket of the world. If you don’t China will — you see, they need the oil in the worst way — forget the religion — for them it is really all about the oil.

  • Infidelesto

    Thank you for that thorough, and well thought out response. Unfortunately, I’m not so optimistic about Europe pulling out it’s “hidden might” and protecting itself. It seems as if Europe is turning into Eurabia with the muslim population growing exponentially with the open-doors liberal policy of allowing any and all immigrants to live there. What do you think Europe will do? Start rounding up young to middle-aged muslim men? The Muslim population is already too large for them to even think of such a thing. History is deceiving us about Europe simply because they’re governments are so appeasing and so pacifistic that they’re allowing themselves to eventually self-destruct by eventually getting taken over by a majority Muslim population by instituting Sharia Law. Europe is imploding on itself, liberally speaking. This is a war that will be handled by U.S., Australia, Japan, Canada, and other coalition forces that aren’t from Europe will eventually be the ones to take action against a group of people (arabs,persians) that will leave thousands dead. And your right, I do feel sorry for all the peaceful people that are going to have to die for a cause they may or may not believe in. This is not looking good and War will happen with Iran before Bush leaves office….guaranteed

    And scary, China lurks like a patient lion waiting to attack their prey…..

  • d

    You are correct, of course, about Europe that is. Europe has become a whimpering mass of liberal thought. Make no mistake, however, she has been here before. The Muslims that have invaded her are creating a backlash that only occasionally shows its head. Within the political realm of the European continent there is a desire for past Empire. I do not believe Europe is about to implode, far from it — but then again — what a thought. Decades have been spent on unification efforts with a desire to be as the United States, you know, that child power full of self-righteous whatever (I am being factious here, or funny). With the language barrier down the only thing left is the cultural differences and that is being overcome by the common “liberal” attitude you mentioned, but make no mistake the only thing more dangerous than an angry conservative is an angry liberal. In fact a liberal tends to build such anger and hate in so many directions that when the liberal bubble pops they can become vicious, nearly out of control enforcers of their will on others. Of course the next, perhaps the first, most dangerous rulers of men are those that wear the collar of religion.
    The Muslim population in Europe has been allowed equal freedom as citizens of Europe but instead of assimilating into the population of Europe they have created Muslim communities, keeping themselves separated. As these communities grow the threat against the “unity” doctrine of European “United by Diversity” will really be tested. I fear a back-lash is in the making. There is some evidence of this already as European youths in the north have voiced their frustrations by violence directed at some in the Arab communities.
    I personally do not feel we will go to war with Iran (those Arabs that are not Arabs) under Bush — his own party would not allow it. If it were to happen he would have to declare martial law and then you could just forget about elections for 2008. You and I see eye to eye on China — definitely the sleeping dragon. She is at present in competition with everyone for a percentage of natural resources (um, Oil?) to keep her economy rolling. Hey, the Western powers wanted China to join the modern world and it looks like the West is getting just that, but maybe not exactly as those of the West pictured it. Still, there are plans to build another hundred Wal-Marts in China, not to mention all the Mac Donald’s. Yeh gotta love it.

    If, as you suggest, Europe will “eventually self-destruct” as the Muslim population establish Sharia Law throughout all Europe then the United States will most certainly face a real nuclear threat, but not before the flag of Mexico flies over the White House.
    I enjoyed your honest and informed comments. Of course we may both be wrong but there is something pleasurable in peaceful dialog. Your pessimism sprinkled with some of my pessimism must have some element of prophetic wisdom in it — somewhere — you think? Peace to you

  • Abbadon Satanson

    I somehow doubt that Europe will self-destruct as a result of Muslim immigration. Whilst it is true that there is a relatively high degree of isolationism present in Muslim communities in Europe, these communities are inevitably becoming ‘westernised’.

    There seems little chance of Europe “….. rounding up young to middle-aged muslim men?” (sic). What do you think they would do with these young men, place them in concentration camps and kill them? Europe has had experience of such things, and fortunately it would seem unlikely to happen again. Even taking the most generous interpretation of your words, that you meant the forceful removal of these young men from Europe, this is still an unacceptable proposition.

    As-Salamu Alaykum

  • Pedro

    Why is the forceful removal of Muslim young men, or any ardent Muslims, from Europe unacceptable? Turning over a wonderful civilization to irrational, rejectionist, violent foreigners? Now THAT’s unacceptable.

  • Abbadon Satanson

    Pedro, you are making an invalid assumption, that Muslim young men (or middle-aged muslim men) are irrational, rejectionist, violent foreigners. I am more than happy to share my country (England) with Muslims, the majority of whom are nice folk; they don’t get pissed up and start fights, and they rarely, if ever short change you.

    The Muslims that I know have no problem with my infidel ways, and they do not try to convert me! Sure we have differences in opinion in some matters, but those differences are expressed by rational discourse rather than violence.