The Good News Out Of Iraq: Banned From Mainstream Media!

by Infidelesto on February 27, 2007 · 0 comments

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Michael at MEMRI filled me in today on some good news out of Iraq, with pictures!

For most people, the images of Iraq are of a country mired in sectarian violence or civil war – a country suffering car bombs, random killing, kidnapping, ethnic cleansing – a country in collective despair. There is validity to these images.

However, alongside these tragic daily occurrences Iraq has its other face, a face of life and a degree of normalcy. This other face of Iraq is reflected in a series of pictures published by Halim Salman in his two monthly magazines published in London. The first is al-Tab’a al-Jadida [The New Publication] which, in terms of layout, is close to Life magazine or to the French “Paris Match.” The other monthly, titled al-Hilwa [The Beautiful Woman], is a pictorial magazine for women. Halim has a news website al-Rafidayn ( ) which disseminates up-to-date news from Iraq in Arabic seven days a week.

The 19 pictures selected for publication are grouped into five categories: confronting terrorism (3); daily life (7); education goes on (4); modernity and tradition (2); and music and dance (3).

See All Pics Here

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