Video: 'Death To America'

by admin on February 21, 2007 · 6 comments

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Promises to Continue Nuclear Activities Following “Death to America” Chants.

The thousands and thousands chanting is the creepiest part. The rest is the usual blather from Ahmadinejad.

Click on the image below to get to the video, see an excerpted transcript below:

ahmad: death to america

Speaker: Before the speech of Mr. Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic, I would like to call out several slogans, and you will answer me out loud.

Today, throughout Islamic Iran, from south to north and from east to west, there is one cry only: Death to America.

Crowd: Death to America

Death to America


Speaker: The hatred and rage of the Muslim people…

Crowd: The hatred and rage of the Muslim people…

Speaker: is directed towards America, the infidel Satanic regime…

Crowd: is directed towards America, the infidel Satanic regime…


Speaker: No way will we have relations with America…

Crowd: No way will we have relations with America…

Speaker: No way will we have relations with America…

Crowd: No way will we have relations with America…

Speaker: Our struggle with America is eternal…

Crowd: Our struggle with America is eternal…


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  • Abbadon Satanson

    May I respectfully observe that this is a political rant that has been organised by the Iranian “government”. The fact that it is anti-American stems from the fact that Iran is an enemy of America. It does not therefore necessarily give a true indication of anti-American sentiment by Muslims, any more than this site demonstrates anti-Iranian sentiment by this web site. Oh, hang on this is an anti-Iranian website isn’t it? ah crap…..

  • sushiman

    I can’t figure out what your point here is…

    this post is warning that the Iranian government… an islamic, muslim state… is plotting death to americans and basically to launch an attack on our way of life.

    who said this is a ‘true indication of anti-american sentiment by muslims’? you are making things up now.

    this is a true indication that iran wants to kill americans.

    i dont know what you are reading. the only place it even mentions the word ‘muslims’ is in the quotes of the speaker and the chants of the audience. lol. how ironic. i wonder if you will ever realize how absurd that makes your statement.

    one more point: because iran is america’s enemy, you claim they are allowed to chant death to america and basically plot and advertise our death. but, as americans who’s enemy is iran, you are saying that the writers of this blog are not allowed to display and recite what these people are saying word for word? so its ok to threaten death, but it is not ok to report the truth. OH THE HYPOCRISY IS KILLING THE WORLD. THANKS FOR CONTRIBUTING.

    have a nice day.

  • Abbadon Satanson

    You are kind of correct actually, if you check the penultimate line of my post you will see that I use the phrase anti-Islamic. I must amend this and I am sure that you will more clearly perceive the point of my argument. I would like to amend this to anti-Muslim. There, that reads better (sorry I was a little inebriated when I posted that).

    This seems to demonstrate fairly blatant anti-American sentiment, and yes, it would appear to be a racist chant. The phraseology of the rant appears to be aimed at a Muslim audience, so this is at least prima-facie evidence of anti-American sentiment by all, or most, Muslims. Many might presume this to be the case. That would be a shame.

    For the record I did not in any way condone the insane bullsh*t that emanated from the mouthes of these people, perhaps you need to read my post again (although as I am now sober you may ignore the last two lines of my prior post, that was a little rant of my own, and perhaps a little premature).

    Anyway, I hope that you also have a nice day

  • Abbadon Satanson

    I really must learn to proof read my posts! In the second line of my last post I have erroniously typed “use the phrase Anti-Islamic”, this is evidently a typo, instead of Islamic please read Iranian.

    Thank you for your continued patience in my posting problems.

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