Al-Sadr Back In Iraq

by admin on March 6, 2007 · 0 comments

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MEMRI is reporting that Muqtada Al Sadr is back in Iraq (after fleeing going on vacation in Iran), and is staying in Najaf.  Will this change the winds of success the surge has brought to Iraq so far?  Last night NBC had Brian Williams and Richard Engel reporting from Iraq.  They actually had good news coming out of their mouths, but there is still concern on the radical Shia side of things.  From Hot Air:

There’s a lot to worry about still: the Sunni situation sounds much improved, but whether that will remain true after American money stops flowing to the sheikhs is unclear. As for Sadr City, one of the Sadrist papers is reporting that the neighborhood council has rejected the presence of U.S. personnel at the “mini-fort” being constructed in the neighborhood.

They may have been lying low for a while, but Iraq the Model is reporting that the Sadrists still are mixing up trouble:

 The Mehdi army is not responding to the raids with fire, but they are trying to undermine the security plan by spreading rumors about alleged crimes committed by US soldiers, specifically against the Shia. The latest of these rumors was a ridiculous one I heard yesterday from a taxi driver from Sadr city. His story, quite similar to one told by a Sadr city council member, is that US soldiers are raiding Shia homes, arresting innocent civilians, and then dumping them at night near strongholds of Sunni insurgents, blindfolded and handcuffed so that the insurgents would find them defenseless and slaughter them!

We’ll be keeping an eye on this and see what Slick Sadr is really up to.

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