Chertoff: Homeland Security Promotes Open Borders

by Infidelesto on March 6, 2007 · 1 comment

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Let’s give more good news to the thugs trying to sneak into this country and kill us. With Chertoff’s unwillingness to prioritize border security, he continually stresses the importance of the flow of immigrants in this country. Like we need more? We’re already overcrowded as it is. I live in LA and I am a minority…oh and I’m a white guy.

The federal department assigned to make the United States borders secure and prevent the admission of terrorists who could create another national catastrophe like that of 9/11 in which thousands of innocent Americans were killed now is promoting open borders.

The Department of Homeland Security’s website features a section that is called “Secure and Open Borders,” where it provides information about a visa waiver program to make it easier for people to travel across national borders with less documentation, as well as a program called US-VISIT.

That program is a “top priority” to enhance security and ensure integrity of the immigration system but it also “facilitates legitimate travel and trade” and “protects the privacy of our visitors.”
The pronouncements follow the vision brought to Homeland Security by Secretary Michael Chertoff, who said recently that a visitor’s first impression of the United States is lasting.

“We lose a lot of ground if people come to this country and have a bad experience. And so, when we protect our borders, and I’m second to none in my determination to make sure that are borders are protected, we have to protect them in a way that doesn’t close them…”

“We want to have safe borders but open borders,” he said. “Now, how do we do this? Well, earlier this year Secretary [of State Condoleeza} Rice and I, at the State Department, announced a series of initiatives to promote easier and more welcoming flow of people into the United States.”

from WND

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