Female British Marine "Clearly Coerced" Says Former POW

by Infidelesto on March 29, 2007 · 0 comments

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Sista already touched on this earlier with Iran refusing to release the female British Marine.

Also, today, a letter from one of the captured marines was received:


To me, after watching the interview video and seeing the reaction of these marines, Iran seems to be feeding this information and telling them to regurgitate it or else…

Former captured Marine, John Nichol, who was shot down in 1991 and held captive during the first Iraq war says she was “clearly coerced” into writing a letter in which she apparently called for British troops to withdraw from Iraq.

It was wrong to attempt to second guess why Leading Seaman Turney might have written the letter because she was in a “parlous situation”, he added.

Mr Nichol told Sky News: “Faye was clearly coerced into making the TV broadcasts that we saw yesterday and today.”

“She was clearly coerced into writing the letter, and she was clearly coerced into writing the letter that’s been released this afternoon.

No serviceman or woman is going to volunteer to do that sort of thing.

No serviceman or woman is going to pick up a pen when captive and write to their dearly beloved MP. It’s a nonsense.

I don’t know what level of coercion was used, and in many ways it doesn’t matter.

But she was under duress when she wrote those things and said those things.”

And I just want to throw in Fred Thompson’s reaction:

The 9/11 attacks should have been a wake-up call to our allies — but they seem to have had a tranquilizing effect instead. Despite a series of both successful and thwarted attacks since then, Britain, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Germany, and Canada have actually cut their active-duty forces. And the percentage of those countries’ economies spent on defense was reduced over ten percent by 2005. Many are still falling.

Unlike much of Europe, which seems to have lost the will to protect itself and its democratic traditions, many of the new aggressors are increasing military spending dramatically. And many seem willing to sacrifice masses of their own populations if that’s what it takes to force the West into submission.Let’s be clear. Iran’s kidnappings are part of a plan to see that nothing interferes with its quest for nuclear weapons. If successful, other dictatorships will follow suit. This is not the time for the free world to neglect its own defense.Fred Thompson is an actor and former United States senator from Tennessee.

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