Iranian Sleeper Cells In The U.S.

by admin on March 29, 2007 · 9 comments

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Does Iran have a network of sleeper cells inside the United States that could strike us if we bomb their nuclear facilities?  In a word.  Yes.

From Pajamas Media:

The sleepers in the U.S. may number as many as 800.

This has been the consensus view for some time. There are “hundreds” of Hezbollah members here, a U.S. official told USA Today on May 13, 2003. A senior FBI official told the paper that some 20 potential Hezbollah cells are being investigated.

Senator Bob Graham reiterated to the Miami Herald on Nov. 13, 2002: “recent warnings that Hezbollah, backed by Iran and Syria, had a more established presence in the United States than al Qaeda, and was just as dangerous.”

Apparently they aren’t all “operational” cells, and many work on raising funds illegally (to send to Lebanon, etc.) while others work to research American weaknesses (malls, sports arenas, etc.) for future operations. Still, just as dangerous.

A bit of good news on this front though:

While Hezbollah may have a presence here, the U.S. is developing on their home turf. President Bush has authorized the CIA, in a “non-lethal presidential funding,” to covertly finance anti-Hezbollah groups in Lebanon, the terror group’s home base, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Even more evidence of the need for the John Doe Protection Act, I’d say.  Eyes and ears open, infidels.

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  • doug

    I know a pakistani/iranian in worcester,ma who regularly sends money/donations to groups in iran & pakistan, I tried to tell both the fbi, and homeland security detailed information on him and it was like talking to a rock!
    they didn’t care!!

  • Robert, Ireland

    Brilliant idea, just like a paedophile warning list, except naming and shaming those that overtly support islamic terrorists with funding and more substantial back up. (Wait, paedophile warning list / Islamic terrorist warning list, it’s the same thing. Just remember not all paedophiles are islamic terrorists, so wrapping their corpses in pigskin is just a waste of pigskin!)

  • AssyrianMight

    Wow, really the FBI didn’t care? I am being sarcastic if you hadn’t noticed because the same thing happened to me aroun 99′. I was driving, here in the NW Burbs of Chicago, and one night I saw a white truck. One of those refrigeration type of vehicles, with hose connection faucets/fixtures on the side. I noticed as driving, neither side of the trucks doors had Illinois (IDOT) serial numbers or anything for that matter on it, not even plates! I did however notice the three Arabic looking guys, crammed into the front seat. I pulled up next to them and the passenger, with a heavy beard and fro, looked at me then quickly looked away. They sped away as i turned. I should have followed them. I called my friend who is a Navy Seal, EOD . He said call the FBI. I did. I described the guys and truck and direction. The guy literally laughed at me! Who knows if that truck was carrying explosives. I often wondered if that truck was the one stopped in Seattle around 2000 trying to go to Canada. I should have followed them! But now, I have an Assyrian cousin in the FBI! An Assyrian cousin in the Secret Service. Assyrians are the last defense against islam! I won’t fuck around anymore. I am waging holy war on them! They even have the balls to drop off english versions of the koran in neighborhoods here in the Chicagoland area! Door to door! If one of them comes to my door, I will send him to his 72 virgin boys!

  • alan

    I remember the days you had to affirm that you that you were not a Communist or a member of an organization that wants to overthrow the government. May be,it is time to introduce this again. It was used for jobs,schools,etc.
    It is tragic that we would have to revert to this.

  • BuddhalovesPaine

    Damn are you people DUMß fukkks.  You should realize that all of these sightings of “terrorist” AArabs are really Christian Lebonese and Jewish Israelis working on false flag operations for the CIA.  The worst enemy of the American people is the American Government.  I know I work for the BKA.

  • Rudy

    You work at Bykovo (Russia) Regional Airport? How does that qualify you as an expert on the inner workings of the CIA? And could you do us a favor and at least spell the nationalities of those you defend and condem correctly?  Arabs, and Lebanese. Arabs, with ONE A. There is no “o” in Lebanese. Mmmkay?

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  • Infidelesto

    Do you have a name? We can look into it and get the word out.

  • jen tha rednek

    Door to door, no shit! That’s wrong on so many levels. Knock on my door with that crap, yeah, you’ll meet up with your 72 virgins with their 144 bottles of stridex pads haha!
    One of my good friends was living in an apartment complex here in Jonesboro, AR. 2 doors down from him was a group of middle-eastern men sharing a 2 bedroom apartment. Right after 9/11, their apartment was vacated except for a map of the US marked with possible terrorist targets, no bull shit! The local authorities did nothing, Adrian, an Infidel of intimidating stature and my good friend always made sure they never got a moments peace! He told them point blank 1 glorious day that he was not fucked up about protecting his family and country and if they had any doubt in him, “just step up to the plate Akmad!” I was so happy to witness such patriotism combined with testicular fortitude, I almost cried tears of joy!