Liberalism And History: 5 Moments That Might Have Changed The World, And 5 That Still Might

by Infidelesto on March 8, 2007 · 0 comments

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(with co-blogger PaterInfidel) 

If the elite media and the Liberal movement existed during:

  • the American Revolution, would we have succeeded in winning our freedom from the British Empire?
  • the Civil War, would Abraham Lincoln have succeeded in abolishing Slavery?
  • World War 2, would we have bombed Berlin?
  • World War 2, would we have invaded Normandy?
  • World War 2, would we have dropped the atomic bombs on Japan to end the war in the Pacific?

Here are 5 more watershed moments, the outcome of which will shake and shape the World for generations, now that the Liberal movement has fully taken hold in America and Europe

  • With Iran’s genocidal comments towards Israel and America setting the stage for a World crisis, will the West effectively confront Iran over its insistence on gaining the power that will allow it to create nuclear weapons? Or will we merely “talk” and appease Iran, which historically has never been successful, thereby becoming weaker and weaker, ala Jimmy Carter/Madeline Not-so-Albright?
  • Will we stand steadfast against the threat of Islamofascism, the goal of which is to infiltrate democracies around the world, eventually gaining governing power in western countries, and with that power, implementing Islamic Sharia Law democratically, systematically instituting Sharia theocratic Law, thereby destroying the formerly free and democratic system from which they gained power? Several countries are in danger of this happening.
  • Will the pacification of, appeasement by, and unchecked Muslim immigration to, modern western cultures of Europe, create an entire continent that will serve as a base for the subjugation of the rest of the World by the followers of Mohammed, just as he ordered?
  • Will the Liberal mantra of political correctness emasculate one of our most important defenses, that is, profiling terrorists?
  • Will the liberal community continue to live in denial of the Islamofascists’ long term goal to kill the United States until it is too late to defend our country?

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